Smart Analysis Box Smart Factory Application

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Huifan Technology intelligent factory solutions, traditional factory/production management, there are generally sloppy operations, low efficiency, poor resilience, safety hazards, resource imbalance and other “industry symptoms”; Huifan products as the core of intelligent scenario solutions, can essentially cure these “symptoms”, such as enterprises can use intelligent prediction system to reduce 20 ~ 40% of the annual equipment maintenance costs; through the operation of the standard system to improve the safety of employees and improve 10 ~ 20% of production capacity.

Solution topology diagram


Dress Code Testing

Product defect detection

Product defect detection

Face Recognition Attendance Management

Face Recognition Attendance Management

On-duty and off-duty recognition

On-duty and off-duty recognition

Production operation specification

Equipment predictive maintenance

Vehicle intrusion detection (forklifttruck)

Cigarette smoking identification


Smoke and fire recognition

Vehicle intrusion detection (forklift/truck)

Packaging customization