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Many industries have been affected in some way by the impact of the epidemic, even the huge 24-hour fitness chain.

24 hours fitness fingerprint scanner HFSecurity
24 hours fitness fingerprint scanner HFSecurity

The store, which at one point had issued over a million plastic membership cards and key ring IDs, has switched to a system that uses scanning fingerprints to register and identify members
The 24 Hour Fitness fingerprint scanner makes us realize that fingerprinting is very useful and that this method of identification can help optimize efficiency, save a lot of money, and contribute to environmental protection.

In a difficult economic situation, the use of fingerprint scanners to identify registered members can cut costs and prevent fraud.

Below we present some case studies made by Huifan Technology, hope these cases can give you some ideas, if you want to change the existing identification method, welcome to contact us!

Fingerprint Jewelry

People will encounter a lot of memorable people, events and things in their lives; there are also loved ones who need to be remembered; so how to preserve this beauty?
HFSecurity has done a program for a client, an old grandfather in England, whose partner has been suffering from illness for many years and his health is declining year by year. This old couple had been together since they were young and had been through a lot. The two had a particularly good relationship. The old man’s children were very distressed to see the old man as a whole depressed, so they wanted a way to honor the old man’s feelings.

They were looking for a solution in the UK and by coincidence they found our agent client in the UK and came up with the idea of storing the fingerprints and making a pendant.
But how can they successfully get a clear fingerprint image and save it. So we found that our 7000 fingerprint device is perfectly suited to this requirement.

Taxi Attendance

The cab industry is not like an ordinary company that punches in on time and at the right time. Some drivers get up early, some drivers may be longer from the company and are taking orders. So it is impossible to return to the company for clocking in. Then how to ensure all cabs clock in and out normally? The core issue is off-site clocking and uploading data in the cloud
The image shows a Nigerian cab driver using a fingerprint device for clocking in

Attendance Office

Immigration Management

hfsecurity time and attendance tracking software
hfsecurity time and attendance tracking software

Registration and screening of personnel information

Voting election program

Infant vaccine registration

The fingerprints of newborn babies are not yet fully developed, but then again, vaccine registration is a difficult task in Africa. How to ensure that all babies can be vaccinated is a pressing issue for health authorities.

Huifan worked with the Pakistani health authorities to circumvent the traditional registration of fingerprints by using toe registration. The size of the fingerprint device will have very strict requirements, finally we confirmed the FAP10 fingerprint head, which not only can collect the baby’s toes intact, and the security level in line with the U.S. FBI verification, for the government program is a best choice!

If you want to get more fingerprint scanner application, you can contact us


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