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HFFP07 4G 7 inch Biometric Tablet


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Weight 2 kg

Android 11

Fingerprint Scanner

FAP10 Fingerprint Scanner

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Time Attendance, Face Recognition, Fingerprint Register

FP07 7 inch 4G biometric tablet
FP07 7 inch 4G biometric tablet
FP07 7 inch 4G biometric tablet
Biometric tablet FP07  rugged   is a new generation of multiple-function handheld fingerprint android terminal with 7 inch touch screen, which integrates fingerprint & card reader with android mobile. It will be the most competitive fingerprint android terminal on market. OEM/ODM order is welcome. FP07 Biometric tablet fingerprint scanner adopts FBI capacitive fingerprint device, image parameter 256*360, fingerprint size can reach 17mm*25mm. It can also be used with Huifan’s fingerprint devices, such as HF7000, HF4000 Bluetooth fingerprint device. Biometric fingerprint tablet with Android 11 operating system, easy to develop and practical. Best tablet fingerprint scanner operation speed is sensitive and easy to use. And easy to develop and integrate. We provide free SDK to our customers for secondary development and use.
The biometric tablet FP07 is a 7″ ruggedized biometric registration tablet that can participate in identity registration, personnel information registration, mobile attendance and other functions. Compared with the traditional biometric fingerprint tablet, FP07 has improved data transfer function, improved high resolution display, extended working life and improved device operation efficiency. The high quality camera allows better speed of facial recognition. FP07 Biometric Tablet Military, the significant increase in demand for smart devices in the defense sector is one of the key factors driving the market growth, and more and more government programs are adopting advanced mobile solutions for digital authentication and real-time location access records, among others. In addition the development of cellular networks as well as wireless security networks is also continuously driving the biometric tablet market. The 7″ biometric tablet is powered by android 11 operating system and can be integrated with a wide range of applications for use with fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and military systems.
  • Biometric Android Tablet Unique appearance

The 7″ biometric tablet has a black body color based on the specific industry and environment in which it is used, allowing it to work for long periods of time without the need to be wiped down at any time. In order to reduce the pressure of census officials and improve the efficiency of work, the biometric identification appearance is made of PVC, which is light and can cause harm to wrists and arms during long hours of work. android tablet with fingerprint scanner
  • Android Tablet with Biometric Ergonomically designed mechanism

FP07 use 7-inch color touch screen, with intuitive operation and comfortable grip, more convenient; combined with the use of different functions, the structure is designed to meet the human body to operate the structure.
  • Android tablet with fingerprint NFC Card Function

With excellent biometric capture function, it can be used to read various types of cards,With NFC read/write function, support IOS protocol, can be used for communication and data transmission between devices in close proximity, high security, stable and fast connection, low power consumption.
  • HD camera, no fear of sunlight

The 7-inch biometric camera is divided into front and rear cameras, the front camera resolution is 5 megapixels, the rear camera resolution is 800W, the rear camera also has the function of flash, through the CMOS imaging method to achieve the photo function The front and rear cameras are designed to expand the functions of the biometric tablet, that is, the facial recognition algorithm. FP07 is compatible with the Kuangsi facial algorithm, which can realize the recognition of facial information and registration. We also open the SDK of facial algorithm to facilitate users to integrate more of their own functions Speaker, microphone, headphone jack function is also support

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  • Fingerprint Tablet Efficient network, no latency

The 7″ biometric tablet supports dual 4G SIM usage and is capable of supporting 4G, 3,G,2G network formats. Details page of the network segment can be clicked here, or the full document. Even in the absence of wireless outdoors, it can work normally to ensure the integrity and timeliness of data transmission.
  • Tablets with fingerprint sensor large-capacity storage, to meet the needs of work

The standard 2GB(RAM)+16GB(ROM)n memory can support multi-tasking, which can meet your daily work needs without jamming. tablet with fingerprint scanner
  • FP07 7 inch Biometric Tablet Processor

Eight-core 2.0Ghz processing, can easily cope with various application requirements. And the market’s biological tablet is generally a 4-core processor
  • 7″ tablet with biometric scanner High-strength capacitive touch screen

Clear vision, sensitive touch, supporting stronger touch functions.
  • tablets with fingerprint sensor large Battery

4100 mAh battery, 8 hours of endurance
  • tablet biometric authentication System

Android 11 operation can be compatible with a variety of applications, high compatibility, good cost performance
  • tablet based biometric attendance system Certificate

Google Certificate of Authentication If you want to know more about the biometric tablet custom information, you can send us an email SDK & Software Ten fingerprint scanner SDK  biometric attendance system with tablet biometric tablet application cost price Bank application: UBL banks in Pakistan, enroll users’ fingerprint together.
Restaurant management: manage workers .
Police management: identify citizens.
School management: manage students, teachers and workers. Include course management, examination management, school bus management.
Others: farmers’ management, sim card registration in Telecommunications, E-voting etc.
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FP07 Fingerprint Tablet Android PDF 

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FP07 Biometric tablet with fingerprint scanner Parameters

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FP07 Biometric Tablet Demo

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OSAndroid 11
Display7”IPS 1280*800 HD Display
CameraFront: 5.OM: Near:8.OM: Camera support face recognition(Optional function)
BatteryDC3.8V 4100mAh
RFIDSupport ISO/IECC1443 Type A&B,13.56MHz
Support ISO/IECC1443 Type A&B,13.56MHzOptional PDF417,1D/2D Barcode Scanner
G-SensorGravity acceleration sensor
SpeakerBuilt-in stereo speaker 8Q/1.5W
MicBuilt-in microphone
Earphone3.5mm earphone jack
Touch PanelCapacitive panel, multi-point touch,G+G
Storage Temperature-5℃ ~60°℃
SensorFBl Certificated Fingerprint Sensor(FAP10)
lmage Resolution508DPI
lmage Area18.00mm*12.80mm
lmage Size256*360 pixels
Gray Scale8-bit(256levels)
lmage FormatwSQ,RAW, jpg, etc
StandardSupport ANSI378/381,ISO19794-2/-4
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0
USBUSB Type-C with OTG function
CPUMT8768,Octa-core 2.3GHz
RAM2GB(Optional 4G or more)
ROM16GB(Optional32G or more)
Protective silicone coverOptional