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Face Recognition Access Control 8 inch (RA08)


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Android 7

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner (Optional)

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4G, PDF417, QR Code, HDMI, Green Pass, Fingerprint Scanner



8 inch face recognition access control device
face recognition access control attendance solution
Face recognition access control system RA08 is a machine with an 8-inch ultra-clear display. The face recognition function can be applied to communities, office buildings, schools, hotels and other public service places. RA08 Fingerprint Face Recognition Support Face Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, RFID Function, Optional Health Code Scan,8 inch touch screen, android 7.0 system  

Face Recognition Access Control Product Strength

1. Face attendance function, RA08 8-inch face recognition access control system supports face attendance, just stand in front of the device and face the camera to achieve the face attendance function, which rejects the secondary contact and ensures the integrity of the attendance function. 2. Cloud monitoring, face recognition access control machine is equipped with monitoring function in the background, which can real-time view personnel in and out punching situation, black list and visitor details, real-time monitoring of abnormal site conditions 3. 2W + face library, face recognition access control the most important function is the number of face recognition data storage, RA08 support 2W + face recognition library capacity, while supporting the optional 5W + face recognition library capacity, pass records can reach 1 million +. High-capacity storage capacity makes face recognition function easier access control system using face recognition 4. The function of no fear of strong light is because the 8-inch device is designed to add a backlight camera, which has a fill light. Even in the strong light, the darkness is also can be recognized normally. Dark and bright light recognition video can be viewed on youtube video link 5. Live detection RA08 face recognition access control  uses dynamic face live detection algorithm, which can recognize 1 second capture, 1 second recognition, fast verification of identity information, and realize the function of attendance and access control. The new AI face recognition algorithm can identify people with masks, glasses, makeup and change hair style, etc. The RA08 is a dual-vision live camera that can achieve accurate detection of live bodies and reject false recognition of photos and videos.   click here for more video about face recognition access control attendance system 6. Rich interface, rich tail line interface, can achieve a variety of functions access control using automated face recognition 7. Access rights setting, for different places and people can set the corresponding access rights, dedicated to turn the access function of the place, to achieve the function of resource security protection [videoPlaylist id=840] 8. Optionally equipped with a wealth of functions. In addition to the standard face recognition, mask recognition, and access control functions, 4G, PDF, QR Code, HDMI and other functions are also available as options. 9. The face recognition access control can be set to be normally open and normally closed, according to the requirements of the holiday and the special characteristics of the place, the time period can be set to be normally open and normally closed. 10. Intelligent time and attendance, flexible scheduling; RA08 8-inch face access control can set different scheduling rules in the cloud management interface, according to your needs for flexible scheduling, no need to manually use paper and pencil to schedule. Improve efficiency 11. Reports are summarized in one click and exported in one click; attendance reports are downloaded directly from the background without the need of manual statistics. And data can be screened, organized and exported according to different time periods.

Why choose our face recognition access control machine

Learn to install and use in three steps

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A face access control, a computer, simple steps, easy to start

1. The first step, initialize the device Power on the device, connect to wifi/network cable function of face recognition access control 2. Step 2, open the cloud management platform Enter the device SN, and IP address, modify the device name, replace the device logo 3. Step 3, network completion Network binding is complete, the device is open to use

The software is free to use, free development

face recognition access control windows Free Software

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