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Android 7.0 (Optional Android 9.0)

Facial Data Capacity

20,000 face data

Alcohol sensor type

Electrochemical type alcohol sensor



ALCOHOL face recognition device
Alcohol face recognition devices are already in widespread use in Japan, and due to a partial revision of road traffic regulations scheduled to take effect on October 1, 2022, alcohol testing devices that support the use of alcohol detectors for alcohol checks and the storage of records of mandatory safety driving checks are being introduced to the market.
OSAndroid 7.0 (Optional Android 9.0)
Display8″ Full view angle IPS LCD touch screen
Screen Resolution1280*800 HD display
Dimension373.7 (L) *133 (W) *85.7 (H) mm
Weight3KG(Device Only
Operating Temperature
-10℃ ~ 60℃
Power Supply
Working Humidity
10% to 90%
Power Consumption
Protection Level
Installation Method
Turnstile, Wall mounted, Desktop, Floor Type
CPUQuad core, 1.8GHz
Filling Light
LED filling light
CommunicationSupport wired, wireless(2.4GHz Wi-Fi)
Temperature Module
Built in Temperature module
Error Range±0.3℃
HDMI Interface
Optional HDMI interface
4G Module
Optional 4G module
RFID Reader
Optional IC card reader / HID card reader
Fingerprint Module
Optional FBI certified FAP10 capacitive
fingerprint sensor
Dual Camera2.0M(RGB Camera); 1.3M(Infrared Camera)
Camera Type
Wide dynamic camera
Focal Length0-2m
White BalanceAutomatic
Wide DynamicAutomatic
Facial Data Capacity20,000 face data
Multi-person Detection(Optional)Support detecting and tracking 5 people at the
same time (Optional function)
1:N Face Recognition99.99%
Stranger DetectionSupport
Remote Upgrade of EquipmentSupport
Recognize DistanceSupport (0.5m~4m)
Alcohol sensor typeElectrochemical type alcohol sensor
Measurement errorStandard gas concentration <100mg/100ml at BAC
Under base operating conditions ±8.0mg/100ml
Operating temperature range-5℃ ~50℃
Storage temperature range-30℃ ~70℃
Serial Communication InterfaceRS232
Wiegand InterfaceSupport Wiegand 26/34 input/output
Reset buttonYes
InterfaceUSB2.0, RJ45
The alcohol face recognition temperature  detector RA08T-A (アルコール顔認証温度装置) is a convenient device that measures the residual alcohol concentration in the body by simply blowing up on the device. By measuring the body temperature at the same time through face recognition, you can centrally manage the physical condition of your employees. ALCOHOL face recognition device Centralized management of employee physical condition through alcohol measurement and face recognition body surface temperature measurement
  1. The following items are displayed
  2. Person’s name
  3. Date and time of measurement
  4. Body temperature
  5. Whether or not to wear a mouthpiece during authentication
  6. Facial authentication dynamic live authentication

Non-contact temperature camera + facial recognition + alcohol detection + automatic disinfection

Road traffic regulations About the alcohol detection system for DUI prevention AI face recognition, driver identification OK. An alcohol detection system package that allows automatic health management/alcohol screening/recording/storage   Health management through temperature measurement and alcohol check vehicle is measured in a series of steps. Thorough arrangement management of non-contact and fully automated driving operations is achieved by saving measurement results as electronic records In addition, artificial intelligence face recognition can be used to verify your identity and prevent fraud such as cheating Three-step use alcohol-face-recognition-temperature  method Step1. Identity verification Body temperature measurement Wearing or not wearing a mask alcohol face recogniton for japan Step2. Alcohol detector to detect whether you have been drinking Alignment of the blowing mouth for alcohol testing, 4 seconds after the results can be released Normal data Data abnormal, alarm Right: detection of alcohol content, and display the value, sound prompt Step 3: Data recording and printing Features of the alcohol face recognition temperature (飲酒運転防止 アルコール検知システム)testing system for preventing drunk driving

Centralized management of driver’s data from health check to confirmation of alcohol consumption

Prevention of drinking and driving After confirming the identity of the driver, the alcohol detection system combines health check and alcohol check by measuring body temperature, and records and saves the alcohol check, which is indispensable for safety management, and it is easy to save, collect and centralize accurate data because there is no need for analog reports such as handwritten records.

Face Recognition  capacity

The device itself can register 20,000 face photos and is equipped with an AI face recognition system to quickly verify identity, with an accuracy rate of 99% or more Alcohol facial recognition detection system using AI facial recognition algorithm, can achieve ultra-high speed recognition of face recognition within 0.1S Recognition accuracy rate of 99% or more, even with a mask can accurately verify the identity, completely eliminate deception fraud

High-performance temperature sensor can measure body temperature in just 0.3S

Alcohol prevention detection system measures body temperature in 0.3S with a high-performance temperature sensor Unlike typical non-contact temperature measurement devices, it does not take time to measure and does not require repeated attempts to measure without detecting body temperature Accuracy of ±0.2 degrees for accurate measurement of body surface temperature

Connected via WIFI and can be operated regardless of installation location or environment

With wifi connection and access point function, you can manage and change settings even in places where LAN cable is not available or cannot use it  

Extensive scalability with API connectivity

It can also be linked to the cloud, time and attendance management system, security access control, etc. through the extension of the API linkage function.

Face recognition alcohol machine solves three problems

1. As the person in charge, I don’t know what to do When a company has more than one car, it needs to use the alcohol detection function, and the person in charge needs to confirm that the driver may be unable to drive normally due to drinking, overwork, illness, etc., and needs to give safe driving instructions. Alcohol testing systems automatically store records of identity verification, temperature testing, and alcohol content records, so that alcohol checks can be managed centrally. 2. I want to prevent employees from drinking and driving in advance, to improve the safety awareness of employees Drinking and driving during work can cause traffic accidents, naturally, the person is responsible, but criminal liability can be extended not only to the individual employee, but also to the company The alcohol detection system prevents drunk driving, and the light on the main body of the alcohol detector will notify you if alcohol has been confirmed. At the same time, the system will notify the administrator of the alert via e-mail so that you can take action in a timely manner. 3. Since there are many employees, you want to monitor temperature and alcohol quickly If no one has a long measurement time, long preparation time is needed from the start of work, which can cause delays. Interfere with normal operationThe driver only needs to stand in front of the camera and blow to complete 1 identity verification 2 body temperature measurement 3 alcohol detection 4 record the measurement results. Compared with handwritten records, it can measure and record quickly and accurately Free SDK Ten fingerprint scanner SDK [dflip id=”1458″ ][/dflip]