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FR05M Palm Attendance System


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4.3”Touch Screen

Dual Camera

1.0M RGB camera + 1.0 Infrared camera





Recognition mode

Fingerprint, face, palm, IC, passwaord

Palm attendance system is the latest exit of HFSecurity’s multimodal palmprint recognition, facial recognition and fingerprint recognition of the hybrid biometric attendance terminal, using the latest high-speed facial recognition algorithm of HFSecurity, accurate recognition, fast, integrated high-resolution night vision infrared and professional color camera, a wide range of practical and does not receive the influence of external light, whether under strong light or in the dark also It can carry out effective recognition in both bright light and darkness. Based on the new hardware platform design, CPU main frequency reaches 1.0GHz, supporting palm / palm + face / palm + fingerprint / face + fingerprint / palm + fingerprint + face and other mixed verification methods. Facial palmprint time attendance machine is ergonomic in appearance, the product adopts 5-inch HD full touch capacitive screen, full touch operation, with the new UI, so that the device operation management is more order over, more humane. Its powerful functions, high price and excellent performance make it the best choice for users in various industries.

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Palm  Attendance System 9 high cost performance

  • 3 steps to use, fast identification
  • Excel direct import and export, no editing time sheet
  • Record capacity
  • Fingerprint capacity
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Warm reminder Voice broadcast
  • Fingerprint+password. Multi-modal attendance
  • Multi-network function
FR05M Palm Attendance System user Facial recognition algorithm, fingerprint recognition algorithm, multimodal palm recognition algorithm, high-speed U disk download, intelligent report, high-definition camera, configuration TCP/IP interface, support gateway connection, record query fr05m palm access control

Multi-modal palm time and attendance machine

All these problems can be solved for you

Wearing glasses can’t be recognized, twins can’t be recognized cheating on behalf of punching cards increasing the number of people to change attendance machines poor light can’t be recognized palm access control

Convenient and simple

Simple operation + responsive + easy to use + high configuration We use more comprehensive functions to meet your more discerning needs
Face Recognition
Face Recognition + Password
Password +Face Recognition
ic/id+face recognition
palm+face recognition
fingerprint +face

Hybrid recognition attendance terminal

A wide range of functions in one, bringing excellent efficiency to corporate attendance

TOP.1 Hybrid recognition, fast and efficient

Face+Fingerprint+Password+Palm +IC/ID Convenient and fast identification 5-fold recognition Face recognition + fingerprint recognition + multimodal palm recognition + password recognition + IC/ID recognition

TOP.2 Dual cameras

wide range of application, not affected by external light, high recognition accuracy FR05 palm attendance system use HD camera Attendance machine that can recognize hats, glasses, twins and nighttime

TOP.3 Palm recognition,

wide range of application, good user experience, high recognition accuracy, wide range of adaptive distance FR05M Palm Attendance System Multi-modal palm recognition
  • Multi-modal palm recognition
  • Multi-modal palm recognition. Adopt non-contact palm recognition
  • Simple and natural movement, convenient authentication
  • Suitable for mobile applications
  • Wide range of adaptation distance between palm and device lens
Modal palm recognition technology mainly collects images of coarse folds on the surface of the palm  under the skin of the palm, which is a multimodal authentication of various human biometric features, and this separate palm recognition is essentially different, so we call it “multimodal palm recognition”. The product is practical non-contact palm recognition, the action is simple and natural, and the user experience is good as the palm can be extended during the authentication; it is hygienic and the user has no sense of resistance; it is especially suitable for the occasions with many mobile people, and the distance between the palm and the lens of the device is wide.

palm access control  

TOP.4 Core technology,

demystifying the advantages of FR05M convenient mixed identification time and attendance machine
Core technology, easy to take attendance
4.3-inch high-definition screen
Adopt 4.3-inch HD color screen, simple interface, fine structure design, convenient and quick, break through the traditional style and integrate the current popular design elements
High-quality fingerprint collector, making the speed a step faster
The use of good fingerprint effect is one of the necessary conditions for fingerprint fast reading recognition. Support wet and dry fingers, 360 degrees tell recognition, recognition rate is very good, recognition fast, durable

1000000 pass records large capacity, support 5K pieces of data entry

Face / fingerprint / palm print / password / card standard 3K data value, can be expanded 5K data value, so that attendance records are prepared

Real human voice prompt

Smart time attendance machine can talkAdd warm voice operation prompt, prompting whether the sign-in/registration is successful, formal and warm
Network report, multiple ways to download
U disk export, TCP/IP export
1 U-disk download, practical U-disk download data from the attendance machine and then import data into the computer, statistics in the attendance machine, data has been displayed in excel format, can be printed 2. Configure standard TCP/IP communication protocol 3. Network time and attendance can be connected to any computer through the network for multi-location time and attendance management, and employee information can be collected in the office, and the computer can download time and attendance data with one click. Benefits Face+Fingerprint+Palmprint+Password+IC/ID Mixed identification, fast and efficient Main board, chip + collector Core advantages, meet the needs Thoughtful after-sales service Worry-free after-sales service, buy with confidence When registering and comparing, palm is parallel to the device, palm is placed in the area directly in front of the multimodal palm collector, palm is naturally separated. During comparison, palm is parallel to the device, palm is naturally separated, and palm is adjusted to the green area; the following diagram illustrates Several wrong palm placement methods

Simple and convenient, network report

Network reports, one-click export reports, simple for enterprises to view, and effectively improve the efficiency of enterprises and employees 1 Personnel management 2 Scheduling management 3 Attendance rules setting

Three steps to complete the FR05M Palm Attendance System  installation

1. Put the attendance machine on the wall and make three marks on the wall. Punch three holes at the marks (it is recommended to prevent the height of 1.5m), and place the backboard against the holes. 2. Insert the expansion screws into the holes and screw the screws into the plastic tube 3. Hang the time and attendance machine after the screws are fixed fingerprint palm time attendance system

Eliminate complicated settings

Three step process, that is, learn and know how to use fingerprint palm time attendance system
STEP1: Register user Register face; register palm print; password setting; register fingerprint; IC card STEP2: Personnel scheduling STEP3: Set the department to which the personnel belongs   SDK Download Ten fingerprint scanner SDK palm face recognition time attendance software
Dimension90*28*189mm (device only), 240*140*73mm (package box)
Weight800g (device only), 1300g (gross weight)
Screen4.3”Touch Screen
Screen Resolution 480*272
Operating Temperature-15℃ ~45℃
Working Humidity20%~90%
Operating Voltage WorkingDC 12V
CurrentStandby current 330mA, operating current 350mA
Installation methodWall mounting
Dual Camera1.0M RGB camera + 1.0 Infrared camera
Auto fill lightSupport infrared fill light, support in the dark environment automatically light up the fill light
USB Interface1*USB 2.0 (Support data export)
Power1*DC port
WiegandWiegand 26/34 output (reserved for expansion RS485)
NetworkWired TCP/IP, Support C/S LAN communication
Registration MethodLocal registration, U disk import, network download of user data
Verification ComparisonFacial recognition, palm print recognition, fingerprint recognition, password, ID card recognition
(expandable IC card or other card types)
Data Capacity5000 facial data, 3000 fingerprint data, 3000 palm print data, 5000 passwords, 5000 cards
Attendance Logs Capacity1,000,000 logs
Accuracy Rate99.70%
Recognition SpeedFastest 0.3 seconds, support multi-person identification and combination recognition
Recognition Distance0.5m-4.0m (open live identification)
Live Body DetectionDouble camera anti-counterfeiting, eliminate all kinds of photos, videos on various carriers fraud
No software attendanceU disk export attendance records, statistical Excel reports
Classes and SchedulingSupport local shift setting, U disk import scheduling table
Back Office Management SoftwareSupport computer software to link equipment management data through network
Voice Broadcast and ringingSupport display name, built-in off-duty ringing
Door open alarmForced door opening alarm