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Stamp Optical Fingerprint Scanner


Additional information

stamp fingerprint scanner
HFSecurity is proud to introduce the HFOS300 Plus Optical fingerprint scanner. This powerful scanner uses the latest fap30 fingerprint sensor technology to collect high-quality fingerprints quickly and easily. It is compatible with both Windows and Android systems, making it a versatile tool for any office or home. The HFOS300 Plus is perfect for those who want the convenience of a fingerprint scanner without sacrificing security or quality. With its easy-to-use interface and high-quality fingerprint sensor, the HFOS300 Plus is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and secure fingerprint scanner. Stamp Fingerprint Scanner OS300Plus is a large size dual function capture device developed by Huifan Technology on its own.    


What stands out?

The OS300Plus Fingerprint Scanner captures fingerprints in high resolution, ensuring accurate results.640 * 640 pixels , 500DPI.
OS300Plus Fingerprint Scanner System , including Android, Windows
Simply connect the scanner to your device and you’re ready to go. No need for drivers or software installation.
OS300Plus Fingerprint Scanner comes with a free SDK, making it easy to integrate into your own applications.
The scanner comes with over 30 project cases, making it easy to get started.

How can it benefit to you?

  1. All systems are supported, just three steps to use
  2. Software support for secondary development, easy integration
  3. Different fingerprint modules are available for selection
  4. Project experience
  5. Check use video
free sdk stamp fingerprint scanner
free sdk stamp fingerprint scanner
Dimension140mm (L) *90mm (W) * 53mm (H)
Power Voltage 5.0V±5% supplied by USB
Working Current<200 mA
Temperature0°C – 55°C
Storage Temp-10°C – 60°C
Humidity10% – 90%
Storage Humidity20% (±3) – 90% (±3)
Resolution500 DPI (-0.5%~+0.5%)
Image Size640 * 640 pixels
Effective Windows Size32.5mm*32.5mm
Capture Time≥25 FPS (≤66ms)
Image Distortion≤1%
Gray Scale8-bit, 256
Gray Level225-255
Image StandardISO19794-2, ANSI378
Image FormatBMP, WSQ, RAW
OSWindows, Android