cómo elegir el reloj de tiempo del empleado con reconocimiento facial

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Today’s society has all kinds of face recognition access control attendance machine products, countless, the price is also a variety of, but should choose a good and cost-effective face recognition access control attendance machine is more difficult, as a school and business, from ordinary doors, to electronic access control, and then to the road gate machine, such products are actually subtle expression of corporate image! When we visit a company, the door is our first impression. At present, many companies focus on the decoration of the front desk, requiring high standards, international standards, beautiful front desk sister, etc.. The variety of requirements expresses the importance of the front door to the school and the company. There is a term in the Internet called: user experience. In fact, the front door of a company can also be a great experience, not only in terms of visual perception. Facial recognition access control system and attendance management will certainly add to the image of the company’s enterprise. So what factors need to be considered when choosing a face recognition access control attendance machine?

The importance of time and attendance machine

the importance of face recognition employee time clock
the importance of face recognition employee time clock

1. Correct attendance can maintain the normal working order of the enterprise, improve efficiency, serious enterprise discipline, so that employees consciously comply with the working hours and labor discipline.

2. Being able to rigorously and clearly take attendance as a strict rule is the standard for a company to be able to develop for a long time.

3. Make the staff integrate into the company into the team so as to create greater benefits. 

With the continuous improvement of modern enterprise system, Attendance punching card is gradually playing an increasingly important role in our life.

the importance of face recognition employee time clock
the importance of face recognition employee time clock

Here, some people may ask, now there are so many software on smart phones, like Fei Shu, enterprise WeChat, Nail, so why do we still need attendance machine?

1. Mobile phone is easy to cheat, you can use the software to modify the positioning so as to simulate clocking, which is not conducive to employee management.

2. Convenient for some employees who can’t/can’t operate smart phones to go to and from work in the enterprise.

3. To avoid the problem of cell phone network problem of unsuccessful punching.

So what are the categories of time and attendance machines? How to buy a good time and attendance machine?

As an important carrier of time and attendance, the importance of time and attendance machine should not be underestimated by enterprise management supervisors.

For employees: with the constraints of time and attendance machine, it can make employees consciously comply with working hours and labor discipline, and improve efficiency and motivation. After all, there is an inert side in human nature, and the presence of attendance machine ritual is essential.

For enterprises and institutions Boss: not only can make the enterprise pay performance work based on evidence, convenient personnel department statistics and management of the company. And it can monitor employees’ behavior, avoid attendance falsification and save false overtime cost.

Know the types of attendance machine

According to different clocking principles, we can summarize the common attendance machines in the market into 4 categories.

1. Card paper attendance machine 

It is a combination of mechanical and electronic card insertion attendance, with low price, the disadvantage of tedious statistics, the need to replace the card every month and high failure rate, belongs to the early attendance machine.


2. Fingerprint time and attendance machine

More commonly used time attendance machine, the disadvantage is that it needs to clean fingerprint identification frequently to prevent pollution from affecting recognition. If the fingerprint is not easy to identify for employees in some industries, you cannot choose this one. 


3.Iris time and attendance machine

Suitable for specific industries, through the human eye iris authentication, recognition speed, the disadvantage is the high cost, not practical.

4. Face time and attendance machine 

The most common time and attendance machine, using face recognition for time and attendance, is an efficient and reliable way of time and attendance 

1、Infrared face recognition time and attendance machine.

2、Visible light dynamic face recognition time and attendance machine.

1, how to distinguish: first of all, the most obvious is from the fill light, infrared face recognition attendance machine fill light is very faint, even if we come close to the attendance machine will not produce any discomfort. Because he is sent infrared light to pick up the map, the fill light is sent out by the faint infrared light. And visible light dynamic face recognition attendance machine is similar to the camera we see on the highway, he is relying on visible light to fill the light recognition, that is, we will have a certain amount of harsh white light in punching the card to our face, will cause corresponding discomfort to the human eye.

2, the two applicable scenes are different: If it is used indoors, a card punching point number of people not more than 100, choose infrared is the best. If it is in the outdoor strong light environment, due to this scene infrared interference is large, infrared face recognition time and attendance machine will appear unable to recognize or difficult to recognize the scene, this scene will need to choose visible light dynamic face recognition time and attendance machine. Indoor scenes if the number of card punching more than 100 people, then choose visible dynamic face recognition time and attendance machine will greatly enhance the speed of card punching.

3, in the price: visible due to the use of the main chip with NPU, while the need to match 1-2 million resolution with a wide range of cameras, so the cost will be relatively high infrared, natural market sales price will be higher


According to the recognition mode selection

(1) With the progress of biometric technology, IC card punching, fingerprint, face technology is more and more mature and stable today; save employees’ time, but also more convenient for enterprise management, choose the attendance method suitable for your industry.

(2) With the support of mobile internet, the office application integrated with biometric technology is also gradually applied, and it will definitely become the mainstream direction in the future, so it is inevitable to choose the attendance machine that can be used with APP.

Determine your own needs

First of all, we should be clear about what functions we need for time and attendance machine, normally speaking, the more functions, the higher the price. Some companies only use one or two kinds of verification methods, while some companies also need to generate attendance reports, payroll accounting and other functions, so it is good to choose the right one for you.

Like smart phones, time and attendance machines will also be used differently due to different hardware configurations. So we need to consider from capacity, chip core, storage method, recognition accuracy, etc.

(1) Memory capacity

Theoretically, the more the better, but we still need to select the time and attendance machine with suitable capacity and price in combination with the manpower scale of the company or unit.

(2) Chip

Face swipe kernel

A large amount of data needs a powerful chip to process. The more cores and the larger the number of bits, the stronger the chip processing function and the stronger the recognition speed and other performance of the time and attendance machine.

(3) Storage method

Large amount of employee’s clocking data needs great storage space to store, not only the attendance information at that time, but also the photos of the employees. Cloud storage can reduce the weight of time and attendance machine, and also simplify the installation of time and attendance machine and increase the storage space of time and attendance machine.

(4) Accuracy of recognition

Face recognition: When face recognition is carried out, it often has problems when punching the card because the image is not clear and the light is too dark, so it is necessary to consider whether it has infrared collection technology, which collects faces through infrared light and does not cause unsuccessful face recognition because of the problem of light and darkness, and it can reduce unnecessary trouble when punching the card and save the time of punching the card.

Fingerprint recognition: for fingerprint recognition, choose the better with green light without film fingerprint / optical collector, compared to the ordinary fingerprint collector, for different angles of the finger can be quickly identified. It is fast and accurate.

(5) Export function (automatically generate EXCEL report)

Background interface

Convenient and simple to operate the export form can greatly reduce the workload of personnel, the purchase of time and attendance machine that can automatically export to help business managers quickly statistics, saving time.

(6) Power failure punch card and other functions

Selecting the time and attendance machine with power failure punching function can ensure that the company can continue to take attendance even when there is a power failure. Avoid the unexpected situation, which leads to the personnel work cannot be carried out smoothly, and preferably choose USP backup power > ordinary power supply.

4. Summary

(1) #Cardboard attendance machine# is suitable for site and factory employees to punch cards, which can avoid the situation that fingerprint and face recognition cannot be recognized.

(2) # fingerprint attendance machine # suitable for small and medium-sized companies, as well as enterprises with branches, to meet off-site attendance, convenient personnel statistics attendance

(3) #Face recognition# is widely applicable, and large enterprises can realize off-site/multi-store management by purchasing data synchronization time and attendance machines. 

Choose a reliable brand

There are many brands of face recognition equipment, it is recommended to choose a big brand because the price is very transparent, the quality is guaranteed, there is a complete and detailed set of processes, you also reduce the cost of time, if you encounter black-hearted merchants, you also have a door to complain. The current market on the technology equipment is not perfect, so try to choose the security of their own.

If you are choosing a security service provider, relatively speaking, is the most hassle-free. Just tell the demand for security service providers, service providers will be based on site conditions out of the program, according to the actual needs to recommend products suitable for you. Choose a service provider, you need to understand whether the company’s process specification, quality of service, and quality assurance and after-sales service. Face recognition time and attendance equipment selection, to take into account the overall situation of the product brand. Whether the installation and commissioning, there is no hidden costs, for example, you buy the equipment 1000 yuan, to the time to install and then inform you need 200 yuan installation fee. So be sure to understand clearly when you buy.

Enhance the company’s value concept

Can enhance the company’s “sense of quality”: in the face of a highly sophisticated, rapid response to the access control system, the heart will have a sense of surprise, as well as the heart will silently say a few words: “This company has a good sense of seniority. Employees will feel convenient and quick, no need to tug their neck on the work badge to swipe credit card, and even a sense of honor: “Our company is handsome”.

Improve the management efficiency of the company

It can improve the management efficiency of the company: mid- to high-end face recognition products, combined with self-developed management system, can generate attendance records quickly and conveniently, and even as the person in charge of the company and the boss, they can view real-time attendance information through their cell phones anytime and anywhere. Some products can even be nailed through, making it more convenient for outgoing staff to punch in and out. In addition, administration and managers don’t have to worry about the trouble caused by the peeling fingers of staff. With networking to view all attendance data, administrators can directly make attendance sheets. Staff attendance for dozens of days takes half a day, now it only takes 30 minutes, the speed of attendance is obviously improved!

Enhancing company security

It can strengthen the security of the company: after the number of employees in the company gradually increases and employees move around. The information or authority of employees cannot be adjusted in real time, which brings trouble to the management of the company. Traditional access control attendance and low-end face recognition access control attendance cannot actually achieve high accuracy and security! It is not uncommon for fingerprint to substitute attendance, photo to substitute attendance and work badge to substitute attendance. Access control attendance must support live identification and face multi-point comparison, real-time or offline face feature comparison, which can achieve financial grade security.

face recognition employee time clock
face recognition employee time clock

Realize the privacy of the office place

Can realize the privacy of the office: many companies and enterprises have customers visiting every day, so who do they look for when they arrive? Directly through into the office space? Or has been in the reception desk silly wait? Either way, it gives the visitor and the reception girl a very bad experience and pressure. With a combination of visitor machines, guests can book a visit time online, and upon entering the company, visitors can immediately alert the interviewee, thus reducing the process, decreasing waiting time, and improving the visiting experience a lot. Especially in places like schools, it can make good use of visitor machines to achieve it. It can be used to achieve visitor registration and management, and better privacy of school teaching environment.

Set up the control authority for the area

Able to sub-regional control authority: Some enterprises have important offices, such as scientific research center, archives, data center computer room, etc.. These places do not want outsiders and unrelated personnel to enter. They must be entered by professionals and authorized personnel. Traditional doors are no longer able to achieve this clear separation of permissions. Low-end permission products are also not well compatible with the ease of entry and security of special venues. Mid- to high-end face recognition products, is easy to do but the price is a bit expensive. The same set of management system, multiple access control network management, which people can enter which access control, can be easily and quickly set and management, and enter all have records. With financial-grade face recognition technology, it is naturally safe and secure. I strongly hope that the administration and managers of enterprises will use their preferred face recognition access control time and attendance machine as soon as possible. In exchange for an efficient, safe and convenient office environment.

Through above introduction ,we can believe you can choose best facial recognition time clock

If you have question, pls leave your comment. thank you


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