Mining Attendance Access Control

Mining Attendance Access Control

【Program introduction】

Contactless safety mine access control management system through personnel identification, exactly detection, body temperature detection, safety knowledge quiz, safety warning lights in a variety of ways, and linkage gate opening and closing control, to ensure that the personnel entering the plant work in line with the requirements of the opening; at the same time can be integrated with the positioning system only detection, accurate determination of staff, to make up for the replacement, miners and other defects, completely eliminate forgery, for a total, drunkenness on duty, etc. 

It can make up for the defects such as substitution and miners, completely eliminate forgery, substitution, drunkenness and other undesirable phenomena, implement safety production in the mining industry, and realize the control and accurate attendance of operators.

mining face recognition (2)

【Product core functions】

Multimodal identification.

Through iris, face and fingerprint recognition technology, it detects and identifies personnel, confirms their identity and uploads it to the system database.

multi face recognitioon
HFSecurity Face Recognition System Terminal

Factory staff

After the staff on duty approaches the intelligent security multi-functional identifier, biometric identification is carried out and body temperature detection is triggered at the same time, and if the body temperature is abnormal, work is prohibited to avoid accidents.

Alcohol detection

Detect whether the staff drink alcohol, if they do not drink, they can enter the next link, if they drink alcohol, they need to voice alarm, the equipment turns into red light to warn them that they are not allowed to enter, and at the same time upload the test results to the system database for the relevant departments to assess the use.

alcohol face recognition
turnstile face recognition

Gate opening and closing control

When the personnel pass all the tests, send open information to the gate machine, the gate machine everyone, personnel through, if the test does not pass, the gate machine closed to prohibit passage

On-duty personnel security check attendance

The system supports dividing the equipment type into off-duty/off-duty, analyzing the attendance information uploaded by the team equipment, and generating attendance reports according to the attendance rules


【Industry requirements】


Versatile intelligent biometric access control for different needs

Versatile intelligent biometric access control for different needs

Four attendance methods to efficiently manage your workforce.check in / break out / break in/ check out

Compatible with different biometric technologies to improve your economic efficiency

Contactless temperature, alcohol screening to ensure employee health and safety

Cloud-based time and attendance records increase flexibility and ensure accuracy