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The Ultimate Guide To Biometric Solution Products


Chapter 1

What is a biometric product?

Biometrics is the identification of individuals by their physical characteristics. It can be anything you are, from face, eyes, veins, fingerprints to voice print. The products that are developed based on this unique physiological characteristic are called biometric products. Commonly known as “bio”.

Chapter 2

What are the functions of biometric products?

Biometrics plays a pivotal role in identification projects, and each product plays a different role. In a nutshell, biometric products have several functions. Although different products may have overlapping functions, we only need to understand the needs of our use and use them together.

Information registration

Both facial, fingerprint and palm print can be used to achieve information, and with the unique identification characteristics, it is a great feature in the registration of personnel information

Information verification

Traditional paper-based information authentication is no longer sufficient to meet the security needs of the contemporary world, and biometrics has obvious advantages in information authentication. Person background checks, passport registration, identity registration, vaccinations, etc.

Kiểm soát truy cập

Identity authentication in biometric technology is a widely used field of access control. Traditional community security is gradually replaced by intelligent biometric system access control, which intelligently monitors and manages people entering and leaving the place, reflecting the most original and core value of biometric identification

Attendance system

Biometric identification technology has replaced the traditional time and attendance system, and is also within the main field of biometric identification technology at present

Chapter 3

Biometric identification product types

  1. Nhận dạng khuôn mặt
  2. Iris recognition
  3. Vein recognition
  4. Nhận dạng vân tay
  5. Palm print recognition

Chapter 4

Introduction to Fingerprint Scanner Recognition

Each fingerprint has several unique measurable feature points, and a person’s finger produces a minimum of 4,900 individually measurable features. Fingerprint recognition technology analyzes the measurable feature points, extracts feature values from them, and then performs authentication.

Fingerprint recognition is one of the more widely used biometric technologies and the starting point for biometric applications. It is relatively inexpensive, functional and a very reliable way of authentication. However, fingerprint recognition still has some limitations for some difficult finger wear and wet fingers.

Chapter 5

Introduction to face recognition

Face recognition, a biometric technology for identification based on human face feature information, uses a camera or a camera to capture an image or video stream containing a human face, and automatically detects and tracks the face in the image, and then performs a series of face-related technical operations on the detected face, such as registration, identification, often also called portrait recognition, facial recognition



the user does not need to have direct contact with the device to obtain the face image
Concurrent: multiple faces can be sorted, judged and recognized in real-world applications

No contact required,

convenience, high recognition, face image acquisition through camera. It is also widely used, including smart construction sites, face recognition payment, face recognition unlocking, etc.

Chapter 6

Nhận dạng dấu tay

Palm print is a variety of line features on the surface of the palm between the wrist and fingers, such as main lines, wrinkles, fine textures, ridge endings, bifurcation points, etc.

The morphology of the palm lines is controlled by genetic inheritance, and even if the epidermis is peeled off for some reason, the new palm lines keep their original bodies, and each person’s palm lines are different, even if they are twins, their palm lines are only relatively similar, but not exactly the same. And they are still clearly recognizable in low resolution and low quality images

Chapter 7

Finger Vein Recognition

This technology is second only to iris recognition and is also a more secure and accurate biometric authentication technology, providing a high quality authentication method similar to fingerprint recognition, which can also interact directly with the user.

Chapter 8

Nhận dạng mống mắt

The structure of the human eye is composed of the sclera, iris, pupil lens, retina, and other parts. The iris is a circular part located between the black pupil and the white sclera, and it contains detailed features consisting of many interlocking spots, filaments, coronas, stripes, and crypts. Moreover, the iris is formed at the fetal developmental stage and will remain unchanged during the ascending life course.

These features determine the uniqueness of the iris features and also the uniqueness of the identity. Therefore, the iris characteristics of the eye can be used as the object of identification for each person. It is currently recognized as the most accurate and secure biometric technology. But the cost of iris recognition is also relatively high, and it also requires professional hardware products to cooperate. With the development of technology iris recognition technology is also slowly maturing, the current cost of iris recognition also belongs to the state of reduction.

Chapter 9

Software/hardware customization

As a solution provider with 16 years of experience in biometric manufacturing, we can ensure that your ideas are transformed into business value through technology.

  • Professional Team

Software and hardware team, average more than six years of biometric hardware and software solutions, collaborative sharing

  • Rich Case Studies

Ten years of R&D service, 50+ real cases accumulation support, mature solutions, guaranteed delivery
High degree of customization
In-depth business model, research on users, on-site survey, customized for customers

  • Better innovation

More than ten mainstream in-depth research and innovation exploration, so that your business system like a tiger wings

  • Faster delivery

Perfect project management system, Chengdu management team, only for the project quality and quantity as scheduled delivery

  • More Services

One-stop extension service, covering training and maintenance, so that you can be worry-free throughout the whole process

Chapter 10

Cooperation agent

Chapter 11

Considerations when purchasing biometric products

There are many factors to consider when purchasing biometric products

Mục đích
What is the purpose of purchasing biometric products? Is it for terminal sales, or secondary development of integrated software? Do you need to identify and verify together, or just store data?

Industry Standards
Biometric products follow certain standards, and with this in mind, there are standards for data and standards for fingerprint images. It is important that biometric products adhere to the strict regulations of international bodies, which ensure the safe and correct use of biometric products.

Chapter 12

What to look for in a biometric manufacturer/supplier

  • Certification by professional bodies

A good biometric supplier should have an industrial certification. This indicates that the quality of the products available is reliable and up to par, as these products have passed strict regulations, and factory certification means that the work area has met the requirements of the manufacturing organization.

  • Confirm the manufacturer’s qualifications

Many suppliers are not the source manufacturers, they take parts from other companies for simple assembly, or even sector security class suppliers are speculators. They just take other products, and then hit their own logo. such suppliers of products are often low-priced, poor materials, poor product quality, no after-sales guarantee, and even no professional sales service staff.

So how to determine the qualifications of the manufacturer?
A. Look at the site:

many companies do not have manufacturing plants, let alone talk about quality assurance facilities such as clean rooms. At the same time, looking at the site can be the most effective way to determine whether the other party is a speculator.
B. Certification of quality management system:

A company that has passed the quality management system certification of ISO9001:2018 indicates that it has a perfect quality assurance system and relatively mature safeguards for product quality.
C. Proof of knowledge patent:

whether there are relevant patents, trademarks, software copyrights.
There is no industry experience
Whether the face recognition equipment supplier has industry experience, which is directly related to the quality of after-sales service of the product. No security industry experience of the company, often in product design is easy to do not see the actual needs of the application scenario, when users purchase face recognition product equipment encounter the need for product upgrades and docking situations, such suppliers are often at their wits’ end.

  • Whether can customize and docking.

Face recognition product because of its different practical application, the customer to the interface, the function of the request will have the difference, generally speaking, completely standardized for the production of the product is relatively less functional, and can not carry on the multi-party software docking. Although the price of such face recognition products is very low, but the actual function may only simply meet a few functions such as access control.

If the customer wants to have customization service and interface docking service, it is better to choose a high quality supplier and confirm whether the other party has software and hardware research and development personnel, if there is no such staff configuration, basically it is impossible to carry out customization and docking service.
Various biometric products

  • After-sales service

Biometric products need maintenance. Biometric product is a relatively high-tech product, which needs to be operated on hardware and also on software. A great biometric product supplier should be able to provide after-sales service

  • Commitment to Security

Data security is an important issue in the biometric industry. Because of this, regulations for data security have become stricter and are constantly changing. A good biometric vendor will be able to adhere to these changes and take steps to address them

  • Confidentiality agreements

In summary

The choice of biometric products can be overwhelming to buyers. However, when equipped with the right biometric product vendor information, the decision becomes much easier. Biometric products vary in function, and by understanding the purpose of the biometric product, the choice of biometric product suppliers as well as products can be narrowed down. This article discusses what you need to know before purchasing a certain biometric product.


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