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“Experience secure and hassle-free authentication with our cutting-edge fingerprint tablet. Say goodbye to passwords and unlock the power of biometric technology with just a touch. Get yours today and join the future of secure access!”


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What is Biometric Fingerprint Tablet

HFSecurity manufacturer offers a wide range of biometric fingerprint products that are perfect for any security application. From standalone readers to complete fingerprint identification systems, HFSecurity has a product to suit your needs. The company’s fingerprint readers use the latest in optical fingerprint technology to provide accurate and reliable identification. Additionally, all of HFSecurity’s products are backed by a team of experts who are available to help with any installation or technical issues. With its innovative products and commitment to customer service, HFSecurity is the perfect choice for your biometric security needs.

What we can bring to you

A fingerprint tablet is a device that incorporates a fingerprint sensor for authentication and security purposes. Here are some benefits of using a fingerprint tablet:

  • Improved security
  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • دقة
  • Personalization

كل ما تحتاج لمعرفته حول بصمة الإصبع اللوحية

    The Biometric Fingerprint tablet is an exciting new piece of technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work. This sleek and slender device uses your fingerprint to unlock it, providing a high level of security that is perfect for both home and office use. In addition, the Biometric Fingerprint tablet comes equipped with a range of features that make it perfect for both personal and professional use. With its large touchscreen display, powerful processor, and built-in camera, the Biometric Fingerprint tablet is capable of handling all of your computing needs. Whether you’re looking to stay connected with friends and family or get work done on the go, the Biometric Fingerprint tablet is the perfect solution.

    الغرض من أقراص بصمة الإصبع

    أ Biometric tablet refers to an electronic device capable of reading and matching patterns based on physical characteristics. The purpose of this tablet is to identify individuals through their unique biological traits. The most common biometric trait used for identification is fingerprints, but the technology can also be used to match irises, facial features, and even DNA. While fingerprint tablets are often used for security purposes, such as to unlock phones or enter secure buildings, they can also be used for other applications such as timekeeping, customer service, and fraud prevention. In the future, biometric tablets are likely to become even more commonplace as organizations increasingly seek ways to identify and verify individuals.

    android 11 7 inch قرص البيومترية

    Android 11 8 inch قرص البيومترية

    android 11 5 inch قرص البيومترية

    FAP30 10 inch Passport Biometric Tablet

    FAP45 10 inch NFC Biometric Tablet

    FAP50 10 inch Print Biometric Tablet

    FAP60 10 inch Print Biometric Tablet

    FAP20 5 inch Optional  Biometric Tablet

    FAP20 5 inch Capacitive Biometric Tablet

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    قطع غيار التابلت ببصمة الإصبع

    جهاز استشعار البصمة

    هذا هو الجزء من الجهاز الذي يقرأ بصمة إصبعك بالفعل. عادةً ما يكون المستشعر مصنوعًا من السيليكون أو أي نوع آخر من المواد الملساء. من أجل الحصول على قراءة دقيقة، يجب أن تكون قادرًا على الاتصال الجيد بإصبعك.

    يمكنك اختيار جهاز استشعار بالسعة أو جهاز استشعار اختياري


    يستخدم البرنامج هذه المعلومات للتحقق من هويتك


    Fingerprint Tablet Processor

    هذا هو الجزء من الجهاز الذي يفسر المعلومات الواردة من المستشعر ويقارنها بقاعدة بيانات لبصمات الأصابع المعروفة. إذا كان هناك تطابق، فسيسمح المعالج بالوصول إلى الجهاز


    وذلك حتى تتمكن من معرفة متى نجح الجهاز في قراءة بصمة إصبعك وإلغاء قفل الجهاز


    شريحة خوارزمية البصمة

    وظيفة شريحة خوارزمية البصمة هي مقارنة البصمة وإنشاء نقاط الميزات.


    تعمل البطاريات على تشغيل الجهاز ويجب استبدالها بانتظام.


    ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي وذاكرة القراءة فقط

    يعد الكمبيوتر اللوحي الذي يعمل ببصمة الإصبع البيومترية جهازًا محمولاً وخفيف الوزن يستخدم بصمات أصابعك لفتحه. فهو يحتوي على ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي (RAM) وذاكرة القراءة فقط (ROM)، مما يسمح لك بتخزين المزيد من البيانات أكثر من أي وقت مضى. يتميز الجهاز اللوحي أيضًا بلوحة مفاتيح رقمية مدمجة، مما يجعل من السهل إدخال البيانات. يتميز الماسح الضوئي لبصمات الأصابع بالدقة العالية، مما يجعل من الصعب على أي شخص انتحال بصمة إصبعك والوصول إلى بياناتك. بالإضافة إلى ذلك، يحتوي الجهاز اللوحي على مجموعة متنوعة من ميزات الأمان، بما في ذلك عملية التمهيد الآمنة والتخزين المشفر. ونتيجة لذلك، يعد جهاز بصمة الإصبع البيومتري وسيلة مثالية للحفاظ على بياناتك آمنة ومأمونة.

    Google GMS Ceritificate

    The Google biometric fingerprint tablet is a device that uses your fingerprint to unlock your tablet. It is a small, thin and light device that fits in the palm of your hand. The device has a built-in battery that lasts for up to two hours, and it can be used with any Android tablet that has a USB port. The device is also certified by the Global System for Mobile Communications (GMS), which is the international standard for mobile devices. The Google biometric fingerprint tablet is a convenient and secure way to unlock your tablet, and it is an ideal device for people who want to keep their tablets safe from unauthorized access.The batteries power the device and need to be regularly replaced.


      The HFSECURITY fingerprint tablet is an amazing device that is intuitive, lightweight and highly secure. It has an easy to use interface and offers a great level of protection for my data.

      Saipul AnwarSaipul AnwarProduct Manager

      “I’m very impressed with this biometric tablet. It’s a reliable and efficient authentication solution that provides peace of mind. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a secure and reliable authentication solution.”

      AmyAmyPurchasing Manager

      “This biometric fingerprint tablet is a great investment! It’s very convenient and easy to use, and it provides an extra layer of security for my financial transactions.”


      “I’m very happy with my purchase. This tablet has exceeded my expectations and has made my financial transactions much more secure.”

      جون جون المدير التنفيذي

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      Frequently asked questions

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      What is a biometric tablet?

      A biometric tablet is a device that includes a biometric sensor, typically a fingerprint reader, to authenticate users. It is used as a secure and reliable authentication solution for various applications, including financial transactions and access control.biometric tablet?

      What are the benefits of using a biometric tablet?

      The benefits of using a biometric tablet include increased security, convenience, and efficiency. It provides a reliable and secure authentication solution that is difficult to fake or replicate, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized access.biometric tablet?

      How accurate is a biometric tablet?

      The accuracy of a biometric tablet depends on the quality of the sensor and the algorithm used for authentication. Most biometric tablets are highly accurate, with a false acceptance rate (FAR) of less than 0.1% and a false rejection rate (FRR) of less than 1%.biometric tablet?

      What are some common applications for a biometric tablet?

      Some common applications for a biometric tablet include financial transactions, access control for secure areas, time and attendance tracking, and patient identification in healthcare.

      Can a biometric tablet be used for multiple users?

      Yes, a biometric tablet can be used for multiple users, as long as each user’s biometric data is stored separately and securely

      How does a biometric tablet work?

      A biometric tablet works by capturing a unique physiological or behavioral characteristic of an individual, such as a fingerprint, and using it to verify their identity. When a user places their finger on the biometric sensor, the device captures an image of the fingerprint and matches it to a pre-stored template to authenticate the user. biometric tablet work?

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