FR08 Facial Recognition Access Control

Precisión, Confiabilidad, Versatilidad

FR08 is biometric face recognition access control terminal equipment, equipped with 8 high-definition LCD screen, convenient for the use of personnel to use, 

Equipment can be equipped with 4G , UPS. battery,, optional RFID card reading scanner, 4G, codc, for video intercom or voice intercom, etc. 

FR08 attendance management system using face recognition sdk is free of charge. Face terminal software recognition different versions can be controlled by the cloud version and cloud version. A backend software device to achieve the function of one terminal running multiple devices. Face recognition access control part function can register personnel information, view personnel peer swipe card information, arrange attendance report for employee record, set salary according to attendance report.


Face Recognition Terminal

FR08 is an 8 inch face recognition terminal,android 11 system, with face recognition function, QR Code function, RFID function, 4G function

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Multi Function

FR08 8 inch face recognition device has multi function, such as face recognition, qr code verification, RFID/Optical, Access Control, Android 11, Built in microphone, optional ups battery 4G can also optional, 8 inch screen, attendance software, multiple language support. IP67 customized

FR08 Facce Recognition Access Control (1)

Large Storage

Cloud Storgae; Local Storge;


Local 20000 face database

FR08 Facce Recognition Access Control (1)

Android 11 System

FR08 8 inch android 11 os system

FR08 Facce Recognition Access Control (1)

Free Software

Powerful Time and attendance Management software

such as:

Employee Management;

Visitor Management;

Blacklist Management;

Attendance Record;

سجلات المرور؛

Capture Records;

Attendance Setting;

AD settings

Questionnaire Settings;

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Product Dimensions

By purchasing face recognition access control device, 

you can get

 1.AI CPU, Android 11 OS 

2. True 2 million binocular camera, wide dynamic camera, recognition under strong light 

3. Fast face recognition speed, face recognition less than 0.2s 

4 . Live detection, dynamic binocular anti-counterfeiting, eliminate all kinds of photos and videos on various deception carriers are support 5. Available face, card, verification, face + card combination verification 

6. 8 inch touch screen 

7. Provide  TTS, Google voice package, Chinese, English voice broadcast name 

8. Chinese, English and other 20 languages, voice can use 

9. Support desktop version of the software, cloud platform, view youtube link to use the software video  

10. Support for night LED fill light and infrared does not light 

11. Support two-dimensional code recognition, with the cloud platform to achieve the visitor function 

12.4G, TCP/IP, wireless network to achieve data upload and download 

13. Rich tail line interface, able to achieve a variety of functions 

14. Equipment support UPS power supply function, not afraid of sudden power failure can not use the situation

Face recognition terminal equipment competition point

1. Factory direct sales Huifan technology 16 years of professional biometric experience, therefor 8000 square meters of factory can be produced independently, factory supply, reasonable price 

2. Quality assurance A wide range of products, according to the need to choose 3. Product processing, quality assurance

Are you still putting up with these problems?
  1. Unable to install and use
  2. Slow recognition, blocked entrance and exit
  3. Low recognition rate, often wrong
  4. Poor recognition at night
  5. No problem after sale, no one to deal with
face recognition device

Lecciones Privadas

HFSECURITY fingerprint scanner offers an unparalleled level of security and convenience for a wide range of applications. With its advanced features and compatibility with multiple operating systems, it is a versatile and essential tool for any organization or individual who values security and privacy.

Screen Size 8-inch, full-view IPS LCD
Resolution 1024*600,brightness 350cd
Protection Level IP67
Power Consumption 12 V CC.
Static Electricity 4K/8K
Working Humidity 10%-90%
Working Temperature 15-30℃
Power Supply 50,000 MAX
Installation method Wall mounting, counter-top bracket, gate mounting, floor standing bracket
OS Android 11
ISP Built-in dual-way ISP
Patch Light Infrared, LED fill light
Network Module Support wired, 2.4Gwifi, 4G (optional)
Local off-line Use Local 50,0000 face database
Battery(optional) Optional battery can be added for outdoor use
1:N Face Recognition Support one in 50,000 false, Recognition rate, 99% pass rate
1:01 Support optional card swipe module,
ID card module can realize 1:1 face comparison
Stranger Detection Apoyo
Recognition Distance Setting Apoyo
Device Remote Upgrade Apoyo
Device Interface Device management, authority management, Personnel/photo management, record query, etc.
Resolution 2.0M pixels
Aperture 2.0mm
Focal Length 50-150CM
White Balance Automatic
Audio One way audio line out
USB Interface USB2.0 micro *2
Serial 232 2 RS232 interfaces, 1 WG input, 1 WG output
Wiegand Interface 2.5mm * 2PIN
Reset Interface Side hole position, external button
Recognition methods check in / break out / break in/ check out
OTG Interface 1 way


Small and delicate, does not take much time to use


With FBI certification from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, data is safe and secure


High recognition accuracy and small error. 2 seconds to authenticate and compare


Support NFC, Bluetooth, NFC function


FR08 Biometric terminal PRODUCT FEATURES

Introducción De La Compañía

Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. es una empresa china que ofrece soluciones biométricas y tecnologías relacionadas. Como proveedor de soluciones biométricas, ofrece una gama de productos y servicios relacionados con la verificación de identidad y el control de acceso.

Ofrecemos productos, servicios y tecnologías. , es común que las empresas de la industria de soluciones biométricas ofrezcan una variedad de tecnologías biométricas, como reconocimiento de huellas dactilares, reconocimiento de iris, reconocimiento facial, reconocimiento de voz y más.

HFSECURITY ofrece soluciones para industrias o aplicaciones específicas, como seguimiento de tiempo y asistencia, autenticación de pagos, identificación personal y otros.

Si tiene alguna pregunta específica sobre Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd., puede visitar nuestro sitio web oficial o contactarnos directamente para obtener más información.










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HFSecurity Access control application
face recognition application for office
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face recognition system china maufacturer (1)
face recognition system china maufacturer (1)
face recognition system china maufacturer (1)
face recognition system china maufacturer (1)

Software De Prueba Gratuito

¿No estás seguro de si somos una buena opción para ti o qué estilo quieres comprar? Hay software de prueba gratuito disponible. Para más información, póngase en contacto.

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