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We all know that with the development of short video, more and more people have started short video delivery, TIKTOP's affiliate anchor,After the short video, how to monetize our products?

We all know that with the development of short video, more and more people have started short video delivery, TIKTOP’s affiliate anchor, Twitter live broadcast, Facebook. Live streaming is an activity that people all over the world participate in together.

After the short video, how to monetize our products? Some rented houses for offline sales, and some started online stores on the Internet. Online malls are a shopping place that more and more people love.

So what if you are not knowing how to monetize your products? Don’t know how to distribute your products? Missing a professional payment sales system, then you’ve come to the right place. Below I will show you the cloud payment solution in detail.


Business pain points & industry changes

Operating Pain Points

  • Curing the way to attract customer flow
  • Low conversion rate of members
  • Rising costs of all kinds
  • Serious competition

Supermarket Confusion

Supermarket Confusion
  • Community convenience in full swing
  • Variety of fresh fruit shop
  • Models such as distribution, group purchases,and live broadcast micro-businesses are mature
  • Opponents grab members, engage in marketing,and grab traffic
  • Supermarket, the era of lying down money is over

Industry changes

01 Changes in business thinking

From waiting for customers to come to the door to attracting customers; from doing business around commodities todoing business around people; from onetime sales to long-term stable transaction

02 Online and offline integrated marketing

Give full play to offline advantages, build online and offline integration, and an omni-channel operation system to achieve complementation of customer groups, scenarios and channels

03 Data transformation

On the basis of store operation, use data to analyze and master the operation situation, improve the efficiency of retail supply management, and realize the digital transformation of the retail industry.

Industry changes

Upgrade Thinking

  1. How can supermarkets provide more convenience?
  2. How can supermarkets provide better service?
  3. How can supermarkets provide more suitable products?
  4. How do supermarkets change from promotion thinking to marketing?
  5. How can supermarkets communicate more accurately to customers?
  6. Can supermarkets achieve more frequent customer interactions


ipayment cloud solution
ipayment cloud solution

02 Product Features

Product Features

Register an account to use

ipayment cloud product
  • No need for high investment in hardware and network equipment;;
  • No need for complex deployment;
  • Small investment, easy to use, easy to maintain, and can be used by registering an account.
  • The operation is simple, and you can get started in a few minutes

Quick launch

Peripheral parameter cloud backup

Peripheral parameter cloud backup

After the electronic scale, labeling machine and other parameters are set, they can be backed up to the cloud.

Whether it is reinstalling the system or opening a new store, as long as it is the same type of hardware, it can be downloaded with one click and connected immediately.
This also makes preparations for the opening of subsequent branches of the merchant in advance

Data Security

Data is safe and reliable

ipayment cloud solution

Store data is stored in Alibaba Cloud, which is the most stable and safest in China. We build and rent cloud servers by ourselves. We provide services and software interfaces. We can also provide a cloud server for data cloud storage at an extra charge, so you don’t have to worry about data loss due to hardware damage or system crash

Aggregate payment

Aggregate multiple payment methods

ipayment pay function

In addition to supporting cash and bank card collection, iCloud Pay also supports mobile payment, member stored value and other payment methods, and can also be connected to a variety of third-party payment platforms

Cloud sync

Don’t be afraid of power outages

ipayment cloud solution

In the event of a network disconnection, power failure, fire, theft, etc., the system will activate an automatic protection mechanism, so there is no need to worry
about business interruption and data loss caused by

Offline sales

Support offline sales, use more assured

ipayment cloud solution

When the network is disconnected, the cash register is
normal, and the network is automatically uploaded.If the
network is interrupted or unstable, the client can still
receive cash normally, and the sales data will be
automatically uploaded after the network is normal.
Support 72-hour offline cashier, and it can last for
another 72 hours after connecting once during the

Multi-scene cashier

ipayment cloud solution

Bestsellers in the same city

Bestsellers in the same city

Quickly help merchants understand the best-selling products in the same city; Provide stores with products that are more suitable for store sales

ipayment cloud solution

Ultimate Service

ipayment cloud solution

03 Supermarket Management

Supermarket Management

Suppliers operate in a variety of ways, no matter how many situations can be easily managed

Supermarket Management
Supermarket Management

Promotional deductions

What price should be used to achieve a balance between the interests of both merchants and suppliers during promotion?

ipayment solution

The promotion deduction function in the system can solve the frequent and complicated work of merchants and improve efficiency.
The deduction method in the system supports:

  • Rebate before promotion
  • Rebate after promotion
  • Manual deduction

Commodity Management

Commodity Management

No stall sales

No stall sales

Separation of price and tax

Different types of commodities have different tax rates. In the cloud store, you can manage the tax rates of various types of commodities, calculate taxes more accurately, and make financial tax payment more convenient

Transshipment management

fruit grading

Application Scenario:

Used in the fruit industry, fruit grading is very important to increase income,
and the fruit is strictly classified before sales, such as classifying the fruit according to the quality of
the fruit, such as size, fineness, etc. Good price, to achieve good fruit and good price.

Variety promotion

time-of-day specials

It is common in vegetable and fruit stores to realize specific discount sales for specific products or the whole site and categories in different time periods, and to clean up the products as the main promotion method

for example:
6:00-7:00 10% off sitewide
7:00-8:00 30% off sitewide
8:00-9:00 40% off sitewide
9:00-10:00 30% off sitewide
Delivery after 10:00

Commercial Grade Compatible

All kinds of scales required by the supermarket fresh food industry have been compatible with the merchants

ipayment cloud solution

Variety promotion

ipayment cloud solution

Business Management

Direct chain + franchise chain + single store

A variety of business models, more than 1,000 store operation support.Flexible and scalable chain structure, easy to replicate the business model, and rapid
expansion.Flexible franchise management, according to the different ways of cooperation, is divided into two types: franchise stores managed by the head office and franchisees who join brands.

Purchasing business

Smart purchasing anytime, anywhere

ipayment solution

Automatic replenishment, order information can be automatically generated according to the demand, sales and current inventory, etc., and the procurement task can be completed quickly


Fast wholesale anytime, anywhere

ipayment solution

Wholesale business can be quickly completed in the background of the system, the cloud store management applet, and the cloud store smart cash register.

chain distribution

Smart delivery anytime, anywhere

ipayment solution

Automatic distribution, can automatically generate
distribution information according to the needs of goods
and other conditions, and quickly complete the distribution task.

Join transfer

Join anytime, anywhere

ipayment solution

Between the headquarters and the franchisees, the franchise allocation task can be quickly completed through documents such as franchise distribution, and the franchisee allocation status can be checked at any time through the franchise report.

04 Member Operation

Member Operation

ipayment solution


Cloud shop membership + applet

ipayment solution
  • No need to apply for one-click activation
  • Open online and offline members (stored value, points, gift certificates)
  • Real-time push of offline consumer electronic receipts


ipayment solution

Auto Update

Ordinary member automatic upgrade

  • Members are automatically upgraded to high-level members
  • Premium members can enjoy better service
  • This method can retain old customers and attract new customers
  • Membership can be automatically upgraded according to the amount, points, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

The core idea of affiliate marketing is the closed-loop transformation of “pulling traffic – transferring members – strong retention – promoting fission”.

ipayment solution

Precision Marketing

Member precision marketing: Help merchants analyze members more accurately, tap the deep value of customers, and achieve precision marketing

Gift Voucher Delivery

Screen sleeping members and send promotions

ipayment solution


ipayment solution

Fission Marketin

Fission Marketing: A Low-Cost Way to Acquire Customers Quickly

ipayment solution

Self-service mobile articles

Self-service cashier

ipayment solution

Alleviate queuing during peak hours and guide cashier methods reasonably;
• Reduce cashier deployment, reduce hardware and labor costs;
• The installation is simple, the equipment design is simple, and
the image of the store is improved;
• Innovative cashier methods, secure identification, second-level payment, and improved customer experience;
• Support scan code payment and face payment

AI fresh food scale

ipayment solution

Simplify the weighing process, “recognize on the scale – cashier”, save labor costs;
• Improve weighing efficiency, each identification takes only 0.2 seconds, weighing efficiency is increased by 80%, and customer shopping experience is improved;
• The accuracy rate is as high as 99.9%, and the mature program is accurate and reliable

shop newspaper

Store newspaper applet


used by bosses or managers;

All business data of all stores can be viewed anytime and anywhere through the store newspaper applet, helping the boss to keep abreast of the business status

Manage store

Manage store applet/APP


used by salespersons or operators;
• The daily operations of the store, such as commodity management, membership management, promotion review, inventory, procurement, distribution, price adjustment, and scale transfer, can be realized by mobile management without a computer, through the store management applet

mobile cashier

Mobile Cashier APP


cashier use;
• The mobile cashier APP supports Android mobile phones, Android handhelds and other devices, and supports functions such as swiping membership cards, scanning QR codes for cashiers, mobile payment, and coupon write-off

Online shopping mall

online store


Diverse customer acquisition and retention.

The closed-loop marketing system design with drainage, transaction, repurchase, and fission as the core can quickly bring traffic and transactions to store merchants 。

Marketing Tools

All-scenario affiliate marketing tool


Marketing Scenario

All-scenario affiliate marketing


Community group buying


live online


In-city delivery

Customers can buy products all day, all channels and all hours

Docking with mainstream distribution platforms, improving merchants’ distribution efficiency, shortening distribution cycles, and saving distribution costs.



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