Prison iris recognition AB access control system application solutions


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What is Prison iris recognition acccess control? Did Prison iris recognition acccess control are important to People? This article we look fordward to give me some idea;

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With the rapid development of social science and technology and economy, the security requirements of prisons and the financial sector are getting higher and higher, especially for the monitoring area where prisoners are held and the bank business for cash business and other places, tailing the staff for escape, theft, robbery has been one of the most common criminal means of prisons and banks in crime, i.e., after the staff opens the door to enter the first door or business counter, the criminals will hold the Staff rushed into the first door or counter to commit crimes. Therefore, the general anti-theft door and access control system in such places can hardly play a role in preventing, and the case of tailgating and robbery occurs frequently, and solving this problem has become an urgent task of crime prevention for the public security department and the financial sector.

Intelligent anti-following iris recognition AB linkage access control system appears for such special places to provide a simple and easy to implement, but also very effective security measures, can effectively prevent the occurrence of such crimes by following, has been widely used in banks, prisons and other high-security needs of the place.

Program Introduction

Prison deaths and escapes occur from time to time, the importance of the prison security technology needs to be improved by the community more and more attention and concern, a new prison security concepts and technologies should come into being. This program is based on the actual use of a certain type of prison cases to analyze and explain, introduce a new digital prison security system. The construction of digital prison channel management system can be composed of video surveillance, entrance and exit management, perimeter alarm, patrol management, prison intercom and access channel management, prison personnel positioning and other parts of the whole real-time monitoring system.

Prisoners escape escape or unnatural death, usually criminals or insiders use tailing or coercion of staff to escape from the incarceration site or into the machine place for criminal activities, no matter which way criminals take, to escape or enter the site, must first pass one to two security doors. Employees enter the first door must be in accordance with the norms of locking the first door in order to enter the second door, such as entering the first door did not close this door according to the requirements of the staff will not be able to enter the second door, how to prevent the occurrence of crime, the key lies in how to very well control the security door access authority and the occurrence of the police quickly conveyed to the security department or public security department.

Anti-tailgating anti-duress linkage iris access control system means that the two doors in the system have the function of interlocking linkage, i.e., when one door is opened, the other door is locked, and one of the doors can be opened only when both doors are closed, through identity verification. At the same time, between the AB door set up into a pass barrier buffer zone, with detection alarm system at the same time linkage video surveillance, attempts to illegally pass through this area will be touched by the alarm system, not close to the other door of the case of early detection of the police, thus further strengthening the tailing theft, prison breakout occurs.

The company launched this set of prison anti-tailgating iris recognition linkage access control system, according to criminals using tailgating or coercion way in and out of the detention site for illegal activities of the common means, combined with a large prison in a province to further analyze the results of the actual use of the elaboration of the control of the security channel door as well as the design of the system alarm is a prison access control system to meet the demand for iris system products and in the process of actual use to improve the system. It is a kind of iris system product that meets the needs of prison access control system and is utilized in the actual process.

The value of this program lies in the ability to make the daily operation of the prison department staff more standardized, on the basis of standardized operation, to achieve the purpose of preventing tailing, coercion to enter and exit the supervision place, and effectively prevent the occurrence of prisoner escape and unnatural death.

Prison as a special area of high security requirements, security management mainly for the prison gate, the door of each dormitory, each channel, activities and other control and management is crucial.

the main hardware components of the system: access control controller, iris recognizer, double-signature detector, swipe card camera, through the barrier gate, video monitors, electric locks, door magnets and so on.

x05 iris face recognition
x05 iris face recognition

System function

1: two-door two-way interlocking function

To enter and exit the prison channel personnel for effective iris recognition to pass through the two doors, in and out of each door needs to be iris recognition identity authentication, any one of the door appears to be illegal to enter and exit the behavior can not be passed. A door is open, another door is locked; when the police happen, can be emergency sealing button, realize the two doors at the same time forced locking; when the detection system produces alarm signals, the two doors at the same time forced closed, at this time no matter what kind of measures are used to open the door, only when the alarm is lifted, the prison control center to lift the closure through the management software, the door can be opened normally. Through the management computer to enter and exit the personnel’s rights, access time and entry mode management, both safe and convenient, play a double insurance role.

2: anti-trailing management:

the first door and the second door between the establishment of a buffer through the barrier area, strengthen the personnel in and out of the control efforts to prevent tailgaters sneak through one of the doors illegally. Through the first door must be in accordance with the provisions of the region legally (limited to the number of people swipe card recognition) through this buffer before you can open the second door, otherwise it will be captured by the detector leading to video surveillance alarm, double door interlocking, so that you can not pass, this way will greatly reduce the anti-tailgating in and out of the situation.

3: brush card camera function:

in the buffer zone personnel brush a valid card, the channel controller will automatically shoot the brush card avatar, capture the image saved in the management center database for the record, to be out of the time the camera again capture the image saved in the central database, with the first capture the image for comparison, if all the information matches, the management center staff can only be released.

4: mobile detection alarm function:

In order to further improve the anti-trailing function, in the buffer zone between the AB door channel to install infrared microwave dual-signature detector, to prevent the tailgaters illegally through the buffer through the barriers to the region to try, otherwise it will be touched by the detection of the alarm, access control controller drive double doors locked, while driving the video surveillance alarm, the monitoring room staff to quickly make the appropriate processing, check the real identity of the tailgaters.

5: Anti-coercion function:

When encountering emergencies, prison staff may be held hostage by criminals to be forced to open the door to release, in this case, the staff can be in the card reader or iris instrument on the input anti-coercion code release, in the release at the same time, the alarm signal has been transmitted to the management center through the channel controller to notify the relevant prison personnel to prepare for the rescue.

6: time settings:

24 hours can be achieved within a number of curfew function (time can be freely set), normally open or normally closed, swipe the card to open the door are invalid, must be confirmed by the police officer on duty, manually open the door to release, this function can be strengthened from the time factor on the management of security measures.

7: the system self-test function:

when there is a natural or man-made intentionally caused by communication line failure, damage to the door, locks, recognition of the terminal anomaly, the controller power failure, battery backup undervoltage, etc., the system management terminal will promptly generate the appropriate alarm signals, so that the staff to quickly make the appropriate treatment.

8: remote real-time monitoring function:

AB linkage access control system and buffer zone through the barrier system in the illegal or abnormal recognition of the passage of the situation, not only in the office area can be realized remotely or even off-site monitoring and corresponding response behavior.

9, AB access control system and buffer zone gate system alarm signals have sound and light equipment access, all alarm signals can be promptly converted into sound and visual results prompt staff, such as intercom, speakers, sirens, video surveillance, etc., so as to deal with a variety of more convenient and intuitive police state of affairs.

System Overview

Based on the principle of “strict entry and exit”, all gates are verified by the most advanced iris recognizer before passing through the gates. In case of fire or other emergencies, all access control systems can be fully opened and fully locked through mechanical buttons or software for access control management. After the power failure of the access control system, all door locks must be opened manually by the officers.

According to the actual requirements of the prison management work, the management mode of AB linkage door is adopted to realize the double door linkage interlocking, and a buffer area is made between the AB door.

Normal state into the supervision area, iris recognition to open the A door, into the anti-tailgating buffer area, and then open the gate by swiping the card, through the iris recognition again to open the B door, into the internal area. Out of the supervisory area, after the card is brushed by the center for third-party verification, by the center to view the monitoring video of whether the person meets the permissions out of the door, such as permissions, the center through the remote control of the management software to be opened to the B door, into the buffer area of the anti-tailgating, brush the card to open the gates, if you don’t brush the card jumped from the gates over, the mobile detection system will immediately send an alarm, while the linkage of the video surveillance and locking of the two doors of AB, to eliminate illegal passage through the buffer zone, and then open the gate. Eliminate the possibility of trying to get out of gate A without legally passing through the buffer zone. Only legal through the buffer zone, can pass through the A door, in and out of the process as shown in the figure below.

System main features

1:the system in and out of the identity verification terminals are used today’s most advanced identification technology products – iris biometric identification device, its recognition accuracy for fingerprints 6-10 times, false recognition rate of less than one thousandth of the fingerprints, the rejection rate of less than one-tenth of the fingerprints, the failure rate of an average of less than one-tenth of the fingerprints, the recognition speed of fingerprints for the 5-10 times, and therefore is currently the most ideal choice for the object.

Basic technical parameters:

1) False recognition rate:

less than one in one million for monocular recognition, less than one in one billion for binocular recognition.

2), iris recognition time (from the appropriate location to capture the completion of the iris image to the output recognition results) 0.1 seconds, iris recognition time (from the capture of the iris image to the output recognition results) monocular recognition of less than 1 second, binocular recognition of less than 3 seconds; iris registration time (from the capture of the iris image to the completion of the registration) monocular registration of less than 3 seconds binocular registration of less than 5 seconds.

3) 10,000 iris files are registered and 100,000 pieces of identification information are stored.

4), sound and light guide contactless recognition distance 20-50CM.

5), Working environment temperature: -20℃~+60℃.

6), offline, online use can be, hanging or desktop optional.

2: Anti-submarine buffer zone set up double-signature detection respectively with iris access control system as well as video surveillance linkage system, thus constituting an organic combination of access control system and monitoring system. Illegal through the detector after touching the detector will immediately drive the access control system to lock the double doors, while driving the video surveillance alarm, so that the staff to see the scene in time. The detector for the infrared plus microwave dual detection technology synthesis, is currently suitable for small spaces the most advanced detection products, dual detection, to minimize the rate of misreporting.

3: the whole real-time video, sound and light monitoring and tracking, all illegal acts of the system can produce visible and audible alarm signals, to provide staff with the maximization of the basic judgment conditions.