HFSECURITY since  2005, at the forefront of the biometrics and security landscape. Through our exceptional biometric devices and solutions, we are delivering substantial benefits to millions of individuals worldwide.
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    Biometric Fingerprint Sanner

    HFSECURITY Biometric Solution can provide fingerprint scanners that meet all your digital identity and authentication functions, such as single-finger, two-finger rolling collection, fourfinger fingerprint (4-4-2) live scan fingerprint reader models

    Biometric Device

    当社は、さまざまな画面要件(7 インチ、8 インチ、10 インチ)、システム要件(Android、Linux、Windows、さまざまなカスタマイズ機能(パスポート認識、虹彩認識、RFID、QR)を満たすために、あらゆる種類のハンドヘルド生体認証端末を製造および製造できます)コード)

    Biometric Security System


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    Palm vein device, also known as a palm vein recognition system or palm vein scanner, utilizes the unique patterns of veins in an individual’s palm for identification and authentication. These vein patterns, distinctive to each person and relatively stable over time, are captured using near-infrared light in the image acquisition process

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    HFSECURITY は、テクノロジー サービスを通じてあらゆる生体認証ソリューションをカスタマイズする完全な機能を備えています。お客様の特定の識別ニーズ、色、外観などに応じて製造できます。当社のエンジニアは、次のサービスとプロセスを通じてご注文をカスタマイズできます。

    HFSECURITY は、ほこりのない標準化された製造および組み立てワークショップを使用して、マザーボードの設計とパッチ適用を完了します。



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    HFSECURITY  provides complete biometric solution manufacturing services using different solutions and biometric technologies




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    We Provide Superior Biometric Solution Services

    学校向け HFSECURITY-IRIS-Face-Recognition
    School Programme

    Smart Campus One Card Solution is a system that uses a single card to provide access to multiple services and facilities within a campus environment.
    with various features such identification, payment, アクセス制御, attendance tracking,

    HFSECURITY IRIS 私の顔認識SMSアクセス制御

    Contactless safety mine アクセス制御 system through personnel identification, exactly detection, body temperature detection, safety knowledge quiz, safety warning lights in a variety of ways

    Biometric enrollment kit

    Biometric fingerprint kits are the most common biometric solution for census, people information registration. There is a single but rich variety of biometric sets of boxes.

    Additional Services

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    中国のHFSECURITY Biometricv ソリューション工場
    Additional Services


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    Why Choose Us

    Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

    Quality Material

    As an industry leader, we understand how critical material quality is to product performance and reliability. Therefore, we strictly control every production link and select high-quality materials to ensure product stability and durability. Our commitment is not only to provide customers with excellent products, but also to bring them long-term value and trust.


    We are proud to announce that our factory has been audited by a series of authoritative certifications, which further proves our professionalism and excellent quality in the field of biometric technology manufacturing. These certifications not only represent our high commitment to product quality, but also our strict guarantee of customer reliability and safety. Choosing us means choosing a certified and trusted choice.

    Trained Workers​

    We are proud to announce that we have a rigorously trained and professionally certified team who are well-versed in the latest developments in biometric technology and have deep industry experience. Not only are they familiar with our manufacturing processes, but they are also equipped to solve a variety of technical challenges.

    Time Availability​

    We are well-known in the industry for our efficient and timely response, ensuring that production tasks are completed and products are delivered in the shortest possible time. Our factory operates on an efficient schedule and our team works closely to ensure a smooth production process, thereby minimizing lead times. We understand that time is of the essence for your project, so we are committed to providing reliable time management to meet your pressing needs.

    Quick Response​

    We understand that in today’s highly competitive market, quick response is crucial. Therefore, we have established an efficient communication system and response mechanism to ensure that we can respond quickly to customer needs and changes. Whether it’s a modification to an order, a request for technical support, or any other issue, our team is able to respond immediately and take the necessary action. We are known for resolving problems and providing solutions quickly, so customers can rely on us with confidence, knowing their needs will be met promptly.

    Investment policy

    We firmly believe that continued investment is one of the keys to success, so we are committed to continually updating and improving our facilities, technology and people. Choosing us means that you will work with a partner who is constantly investing in the future and always at the forefront of the industry to jointly promote the development of biometric technology and ensure that your project can achieve long-term success in the market.

    We Are Business Who Cares, And it Shows

    We have partners around the world

    People Say The Nicest Things

    Jeniffer Smith​


    Our company purchased your biometric terminal integrated machine. Although we encountered some issues during usage, we are very satisfied with the product’s sleek design and diverse functionalities. Despite the need for improvement in fingerprint recognition accuracy, we consider your product performance to be quite reliable. We hope you can continue to improve product quality and enhance user experience

    Pamela Duncan​


    “We are highly satisfied with your company’s biometric technology, especially the responsiveness to customization needs. Although there may be some challenges in implementing advanced features, we feel that your technical team’s professionalism is top-notch. We hope for smoother communication and collaborative resolution of technical challenges in future cooperation to achieve more innovations.”

    Steve Tailor​


    “Our company is impressed with the access control solution you provided, especially in terms of global project experience. We believe your solution exhibits excellent flexibility and adaptability, capable of meeting the diverse needs of various industries and clients. We look forward to deeper understanding of your solutions and exploring more collaboration opportunities in the future.”

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