Basic information about swing gates and how to choose them

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What is a swing gate

Swing gate, (pendulum gates) generally known as beat gate in the rail transportation industry, the form of its blocking body (gate swing ) is a plane with a certain area, perpendicular to the ground, to achieve blocking and release by rotating and swinging. The swing gate is composed of chassis, movement, swing arm, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment and other parts.

The swing gate is suitable for the occasions where the requirements for the width of the passage are relatively large, including the occasions where there are more pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage parcels, and the special passage for people with limited mobility. It is also suitable for occasions with high requirements for aesthetics. Such as community schools, attractions, ports, airports, stations, etc.

The advantages of the swing gate.

1, no mechanical collision during the operation of the gate swing, the noise is relatively small.

2, bridge swing gate relative to the three roller gate, increased the pedestrian passage detection module, can effectively detect the passage target, anti-trailing ability is stronger.

3, the range of channel width is the largest of all gates, generally between 550mm-1000mm, some high-end products can do 1500mm, more suitable for pedestrians carrying luggage parcels or bicycle passage, can also be used as a special channel for people with mobility problems.

4、The plasticity of appearance is the strongest among all gates, the material variety of the blocking body is rich, and the shape of the box is also diversified, so it is easy to design a very beautiful shape, so it is often used in office buildings, intelligent buildings, clubs and other high-end occasions.

Disadvantages of the swing gate.

1, the technical requirements of the manufacturer is relatively high, if the design is not good will greatly reduce the reliability of the product, as well as reduce the ability to avoid personal injury anti-pinch and anti-collision people.

2, some models of waterproof and dustproof ability is not enough, only for indoor, environmental adaptability is not strong three roller gates.

3, the cost is higher, especially for some special customized models, such as increasing the width of the channel, the use of special materials, the technical difficulty will increase a lot.

4、Limited by the form of the blocking body, the impact resistance of the swing gate is lower than the three roller gate, the pedestrian illegal fast passage is easy to damage the gate swing and movement.

How to choose the right swing gate

When choosing a swing gate must take into account the mobility and carry more luggage users, such as the conditions promised to use the combination of swing gate and barrier-free access to deal with these problems. Good sanitary ware not only beautiful shape, and to meet the ergonomics, use comfortable. The mold, equipment and planning ability of the swing gate manufacturer are the deciding factors. High-level swing gate manufacturers generally use imported swing gate molds.

The swing gate as a we are no longer strange channel gate machine, widely used in our life, supermarkets, parks everywhere, but how to choose high-quality, suitable for their own swing gate, but become each customer’s not a small worry, as the saying goes, good steel used on the edge of the knife, choose the swing gate can not be one-sided pursuit of high-end luxury, but also can not only focus on the price, after all, each swing gate application environment is not the same, the specific requirements will not be The same, so we should choose the swing gate, according to their actual needs reasonable choice, so that the full bar play the role of the swing gate, in the choice of swing gate, should pay attention to the following aspects.

1, the material selection of the swing gate: swing gate for people to pass with a variety of external forces frequently, the mechanical strength is an important consideration; swing gate machine long-term operation, is a “portal”, should be beautiful, so the choice of 1.5-2.0mm stainless steel material is necessary. Stainless steel material is divided into a variety of models, the best use of 304 stainless steel. Door page material using flexible material is good, so as to ensure that there is a certain buffer space conducive to the long time high frequency use of the swing gate.

2, the swing gate bar code reader above should use quartz glass: bar code reader above must be transparent, using organic glass low cost, easy processing and installation, but after repeatedly swiping the ticket, the glass will wear rough, affecting the reading speed and accuracy of the bar code, so must use wear-resistant quartz glass;.

Tripod Turnstile Gate
Tripod Turnstile Gate

3, swing gate ticket inspection speed should be fast: the gate of high traffic passage, the speed of ticket inspection passage is a very important indicator. Ticket inspection speed depends on the gate control mode, communication networking mode, ticket inspection processing software, mechanical action speed. In general, the gate response speed within 500ms.

4, swing gate rotation life: swing gate is driven by the motor rotation, constant movement, motor life and reduction mechanism life determines the mechanical life of the equipment.

5, the choice of swing gate model: after considering the specific use of the swing gate environment, choose the most suitable for the operating environment of the swing gate, such as in the supermarket in consideration of the case does not need to check the ticket, you can choose not to check the function of the column swing gate, mechanical swing gate, in office buildings and other places with a certain demand for identification, we must choose the automatic swing gate with check function, if the requirements for the appearance of the swing gate is more high-grade, you can choose to bake paint swing gate The use life span of swing gates

6. The life expectancy of the swing gate equipment; probably more than a few years.

7. The process and material of swing gate equipment; are sheet metal, bending process.

8. The maintenance function of the swing gate equipment; maintenance daily cleaning and maintenance.

9. The communication function of the swing gate equipment; can be connected to the computer, link access control.

10. The type of swing gate movement, that is, mechanical or electric power-assisted type. But this process is very difficult, the swing gate brand can rarely do, whether the swing gate movement is used for a long time is an important sign to distinguish the level of the swing gate. Customers in the purchase of the swing gate in addition to understand the above selection of the key, but also need to understand the existence of the swing gate some of its own technical defects, in order to have a better choice in the purchase.

11. swing gate humanized planning: intercom products, or smart home products, is a product for the masses, the use of humane is one of the most important features. Humanized planning here refers to the humanization of the operating interface, including indoor machines, doorway machines, etc. Buyers hope that the product can operate as foolish as possible, so that children and old people are easy to understand the operation, such as: the operation of the process of speech prompts, family messages, etc.; screen graphic interface more rich, rather than just text prompts. Pure IP digital intercom products with strong functions and many menus, so the user-friendly interface and operation is particularly important.

12.swing gate anti-interference function: anti-interference function is now the building intercom profession widely feel disturbed problem. In terms of product quality, anti-interference ability is urgent to improve, especially in some thunderstorm-prone areas. And in the field construction, wire selection is not appropriate, wiring is not standardized, etc. will also lead to a variety of annoyance problems. Therefore, the need to attract the extensive attention of product suppliers and construction parties.

Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile

How to install the gate

One, gate positioning.

According to the initial design plan, determine the location of the gate to be installed, the direction.

The ground is flat, if the slope surface must be padded flat, zui good and party to communicate to confirm the location.

Second, slotting.

Take the open line do not slot, dark line should be slotted at the bottom, take 2 6 PVC pipe, one take strong power, one take weak power, strong power 220 volts, 1.5-2 equal points, weak power take 4 core shielded network cable, network cable use.

Three, swing gate fixed.

Fixed gate position, 4-M10 * 100 expansion screws fixed, horizontal symmetry. Front and rear symmetry, uniform consistency, the front chassis and the back of the pendulum gap 50-80mm is good, too small will hit the chassis, too large easy to pass people.

Fourth, the installation of the pendulum.
Power on, pendulum gate mandrel pendulum gate middle position, install the pendulum, tighten. Many customers take on the pendulum, so it is easy to install the reverse, once installed, the power will cause the pendulum to hit the chassis.

Five, access control registration.

Some customers have been registered in the factory, you can directly swipe the card to use (no registration registration), if the card for registration, you have to use the network cable to connect the access control board, and computer connection, card issuer connected to the computer in the card issuer card, enter the management software, and then register for operation, the card number corresponds to the name of the cardholder, swipe the card record only produces the card number, through the card number to find the relevant cardholder and the information in and out.

Six, maintenance.

Proper storage of software, and registration information. In poor communication or gate machine failure, refer to the manual, be sure to professionals for maintenance and maintenance, regular use of the gate machine to do records, maintenance, use, clean access control data, can be copied to the computer to do backup, movement about 3 months on the oil change once, the appearance of cleaning, circuit plug finishing.

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