Top 6 Fingerprint Scanner Software for Windows


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If you are looking for the best fingerprint scanner software for windows, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 products on the market today. We will also provide a brief overview of each product and tell you why it is one of our top choices. So, whether you are a business owner or an individual looking for personal security, read on to find the perfect fingerprint scanner software for your needs!

Top1: FAP20 Fingerprint Scanner Software

The software can be used on any computer with windows operating system. It connects the fingerprint scanner to your USB port through a simple process that does not require installation or updating anything in order for you to use it as well! The four different areas listed above will help give an idea about how this program works but if we were going over all possible functions then look

Encryption mode: Plaintect, Ciphertext
Capture Setting: Latent, LFD
Image Compress: WSQ, FIR
Alg Model: ISO2005, ISO2011, ANSI

The next step is to register the verify-compare-delete function
Delete Record:
Clear All Records

FAP20 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Software
FAP20 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Software

Top2: Buetooth Fingerprint Reader Test

This windows software is compatible with fingerprint registration, Card function. Connect the fingerprint scanner to the computer via USB intermediate media, select the correct port and the device will run successfully.
In the software, you can get the SN number of the device and the battery level of the fingerprint scanner through the program.
Also registration of fingerprints, identification and acquisition of images are possible.
Register the code of IC card to realize the dual authentication of fingerprint and card

Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner Test
Bluetooth Fingerprint Scanner Test

Top 3: Dual Finger Scanner Software

OS300 Fingerprint Scanner is a two-finger rolling fingerprint scanner, powered by USB, ready to use with power on, able to be used in windows, to obtain high resolution fingerprint images

Top4: Dual Stamp Fingerprint Scanner Software

Stamp Optional Fingerprint Scanner Test is an upgraded version of the OS300 fingerprint scanner software. In addition to the original two-finger scrolling image acquisition, it can also use the function of electronic seal, through the logical principle of the fingerprint scanner, the image of the seal is transmitted to the system. The software is especially suitable for banks and some paperless offices

Top5: Bio7Plus Ten Fingerprint Scannner Software

Bio7Plus Fingerprint Scanner Software is a 10-finger fingerprint scanner for Windows. The device is connected to the computer through a USB data connection.
The ten fingerprint scanner can choose the mode according to your needs in the software, the ten fingerprint scanner is also called 442 fingerprint scanner, we can register four fingers on the right hand, four fingers on the left hand and two thumbs. In the software, we see the Mode function area, you can choose the mode you need to register; and whether to choose automatic acquisition, when our fingerprints are collected, it will show our fingerprint image in the middle of the software

Ten fingerprint scanner software for windows
Ten fingerprint scanner software for windows

Top 6 : URU4500 Fingerprint scanner

URU4500 is an optical fingerprint scanner program, which also connects the device to the computer via USB cable for user registration, comparison and verification.