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Your fingerprint scanner is not working! This can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you rely on it to keep your device secure. There are a few things that you can do to try and fix the problem. In this blog post, we will discuss 11 fixes for a fingerprint scanner not working. Hopefully, one of these solutions will help get your fingerprint scanner up and running again!.

why fingerprint scanner is not working
why fingerprint scanner is not working

Make sure your finger is clean

If your fingerprint scanner does not work, make sure your finger is in a clean state, wipe any water stains on your finger that are already dirty with a paper towel, and then try again to see if the fingerprint scanner works

Make sure your fingerprints are clear

The fingerprint scanner needs to get a clear image of your fingerprint for comparison, so you need to make sure your fingerprint image is clear and complete before using the fingerprint scanner.

Make sure your fingerprint scanner device is clean

If your fingerprint scanner is not working, the first thing you should do is check the fingerprint sensor for any dirt or debris, and if there is anything on the sensor, gently wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth. Once you have cleaned the fingerprint sensor, try to use your fingerprint again to unlock your device

Delete the device data cache

You can delete the fingerprint information already recorded in your device and try again

Reboot your fingerprint scanner device

If your fingerprint scanner still doesn’t work, the next thing you can try is to reboot your device, a reboot usually fixes glitches caused by a faulty fingerprint scanner. Generally there are two ways to reboot, unplug the USB port, switch on and off and reboot

Is the software correct?

If your fingerprint scanner has no problem with the above, please make sure that the software version used by your fingerprint scanner is compatible with the one you purchased.
For example, if your fingerprint scanner is windows version and the software version used is linux, it will not work.

ứng dụng phần mềm quét dấu vân tay
ứng dụng phần mềm quét dấu vân tay

Fingerprint driver does not work

Plug and unplug the device, install the normal driver in the device manager, if you can’t confirm if your driver is correct, you can contact the manufacturer.

Update the firmware

Fingerprint scanner program and the motherboard are constantly upgraded, need in the case of fingerprint scanner can not be used, you can let the manufacturer to provide upgrade software, upgrade the fingerprint scanner motherboard program, in a new try

After-sales site maintenance

After the above basic check, if the scanner is still not working, you can send it to the local after-sales site for professional technicians to solve the problem, HFSecurity has offices in the following places, if you need, you can contact us

Đồng hồ thời gian quét vân tay HFSecurity toàn cầu ngoại tuyến điểm đại lý
Đồng hồ thời gian quét vân tay HFSecurity toàn cầu ngoại tuyến điểm đại lý

Check yourself

Also if you are a technician and have knowledge of PCBs, you can replace the fingerprint module with a new one and use it yourself.

Get Support

Contact the fingerprint scanner manufacturer


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