fr07 7 inch face recognition system

FR07 Facial Recognition Access Control

Accuracy, Reliability, Versatility

Face access control deviceFR07 is a product under the category of Huifan dynamic face attendance access control, this machine uses the world’s leading facial algorithm company Kuang Shi’s face facial 3D algorithm, with a high-speed processor. 

Efforts to achieve the standard of international first-class industrial design, whether from the appearance or hardware, software, we are pursuing to have the ultimate quality. 

FR07  is a 7-inch facial fingerprint recognition access control machine developed by Huifan Technology, FAP10 fingerprint head, data 1:1 recognition pairing, Face++ facial algorithm, facial precision recognition.

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (1)

Face Recognition Terminal

FR07 is an 7 inch face recognition terminal,android 11 system, with face recognition function, QR Code function, RFID function, 4G function

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (1)

Dynamic Range

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device, wide dynamic range;

Face Recognition dual camera;

Infared Camera:Accuracy rate>99.99%;

RGB Camera: Identification Speed<0.1 sec

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (1)

Facial Recognition

Gree Led: Allowed to pass;

Red Led: Strange Detection;

Photo Detection;

Video Detection

fr07 7 inch face recognition (18)

NFC Function

FR07 7 inch face recognition can support NFC Function

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (1)

Android 11 System

FR07 7 inch android 11 os system

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (1)

7 inch Touch Screen

7 inch IPS Touch Screen

FR07 7 inch face recognition device

Large Storge

Cloud Storage;

Local Storage;

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (1)

Free Software

Powerful Time and attendance Management software

such as:

Employee Management;

Visitor Management;

Blacklist Management;

Attendance Record;

Passage Records;

Capture Records;

Attendance Setting;

AD settings

Questionnaire Settings;

Voice Broadcast

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (9)


FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (9)

Access Control System

FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (9)

Installation Method

Face access control device fr07 fast face recognition, recognition distance, binocular dynamic camera, voice broadcast, full-featured access control functions and other features. Based on these excellent features, FR07   can be used in face access control, campus face security channel, staff attendance, conference attendance, entrance/exit identity check, gate transformation and other application scenarios.  

Face recognition access control terminal FR07 product Features as follows:

  • Live recognition
  • 50,000 faces
  • Built-in card swipe
  • Access Control Attendance
  • Traditional attendance machine pain point analysis
  • Punch card: Traditional swipe card is easy to punch card on behalf of
  • Non-contact identification; security identification rejects cross-infection
  • Low efficiency: Traditional time and attendance is slow and inefficient
  • Fast face recognition: The recognition speed is <0.3 seconds, which really achieves the function of fast face recognition, and also solves the purpose of forgetting to bring the card, thus affecting the attendance, which really improves the efficiency of attendance

face recognition access control attendance system specification

3D face algorithm

Leading AI algorithm, in vivo recognition, can solve photo deception Artificial intelligence era, through the camera to collect video stream, in the image through the 3D algorithm for face portrait recognition, face recognition

Binocular camera:

FR07 face access control use 7-inch IPS full-view display, infrared RGB binocular camera, can achieve live recognition + recognition at night in the state of total darkness, refuse photo punching, refuse video punching; 200W wide dynamic lens, the device does not need white light fill light, in the backlight, dark light, no light environment face recognition effect is not affected; face terminal using super bright LED display, to ensure that in the total dark environment also can be quickly recognized

More Colud Software User Maual, we have introduction on “Attendance Management System using Face Recognition “, you can check linkes

Super voice:

real human voice announces the name, the voice can be adjusted in size Super bright LED light, super bright fill light, clear recognition of face in the dark light

Dynamic recognition:

support dynamic recognition If you want to know FR07  software “SmartPass”m you check youtube links for more video.   sd

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Private Lessons

HFSECURITY fingerprint scanner offers an unparalleled level of security and convenience for a wide range of applications. With its advanced features and compatibility with multiple operating systems, it is a versatile and essential tool for any organization or individual who values security and privacy.

Product Show

fr07 7 inch face recognition (18)
fr07 7 inch face recognition (18)
FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (9)
FR07 7 inch face recognition system device (10)
Screen Size7-inch, full-view IPS LCD
Resolution1024*600,brightness 350cd
Installation MethodIP55 supports semi-outdoor use (no rain)
Power ConsumptionDC12V
Electromagnetic RadiationNo frequency point exceeds the standard
Static Electricity4K/8K
Working Humidity10%-90%
Working Temperature15-30℃
Power Supply5W MAX
Protection LevelWall mounting, counter-top bracket, gate mounting, floor standing bracket
OSAndroid 11
Recognition distance0.5m-3m
Recognition time<0.2s
Local off-line UseLocal 50,000 face database
1:N Face RecognitionSupport one in 50,000 false,Recognition rate, 99% pass rate
1:01Support optional card swipe module,
ID card module can realize 1:1 face comparison
Stranger DetectionSupport
Recognition Distance SettingSetting adjustable
Device Remote UpgradeSupport
Device InterfaceDevice management, authority management, Personnel/photo management, record query, etc.
Focal Length50-150CM
White BalanceAutomatic
Audio1*Audio Output
USB InterfaceUSB 2.0 micro*2
Serial 2322*RS232 interface
Wiegand Interface1*Wiegand input, 1*Wiegand output, 2.5mm*2PIN
OTG Interface1*OTG interface
CPUQuad-core 2.0GHz
ISPBuilt-in dual-way ISP
Patch LightInfrared, LED fill light
Network ModuleSupport wired, 2.4Gwifi, 4G (optional)

Ease of Use

Small and delicate, does not take much time to use

Certified Image Quality

With FBI certification from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, data is safe and secure

High Speed

High recognition accuracy and small error. 2 seconds to authenticate and compare


Support NFC, Bluetooth, NFC function


FR07 Biometric terminal PRODUCT FEATURES

company Introduction

Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that provides biometric solutions and related technologies. As a biometric solution provider, they offer a range of products and services related to identity verification and access control.

We products, services, and technologies. , it is common for companies in the biometric solutions industry to offer a variety of biometric technologies, such as fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, facial recognition, voice recognition, and more.

HFSECURITY offer solutions for specific industries or applications, such as time and attendance tracking, payment authentication, personal identification, and others.

If you have any specific questions about Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd.,you can visiting our official website or contacting us directly for more information.










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HFSecurity Access control application
face recognition application for office
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face recognition system china maufacturer (1)
face recognition system china maufacturer (1)
face recognition system china maufacturer (1)
face recognition system china maufacturer (1)

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