Biometric Solution in China

HFSECURITY since  2005, at the forefront of the biometrics and security landscape. Through our exceptional biometric devices and solutions, we are delivering substantial benefits to millions of individuals worldwide.

Clients in 100+ countries

HFSECURITY provides a complete biometric solution and improves its professional skills from 100+ customer cases

Custom biometric solution

HFSECURITY  provides complete biometric solution manufacturing services using different solutions and biometric technologies

8400 square meters factory

HFSECURITY can provide batch production of biometric products using 8 automated production lines in our factory

HFSECURITY Biometric solution
HFSECURITY Biometric solution

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HFSecurity– Professional Biometric Solution Factory in China

HFSECURITY offers biometric solution for producing different Governments, Banks, and Schools . We can provide different biometrics technology including fingerprint recognition , face recognition , iris recognition, palm vein recognition and fingerprint vein recognition. Our engineers have rich customization and R&D capabilities and can customize exclusive products for you according to your needs. We are equipped with advanced mold machine such as Aluminum alloy die casting machine,CNC machining center workshop,Mold processing workshop,Die casting workshop. HFSECURITY also has a R&D team of more than 50 people, with more than 17 years of biometric experience, and has participated in more than 100+ projects, able to meet different specific identification needs. If you need custom biometric solution  services, choose HFSECURITY as your manufacturer!

Custom Any Biometric Solution for Your Project

HFSECURITY has full capabilities in customizing any biometric solution through our technology services. We can manufacture according to your specific identificationneeds, color, appearance, and more. Our engineers can customize your orders through the following services and processes:

Our R&D team provides professional biometric customized planning according to your needs

HFSECURITY uses a dust-free standardized production and assembly workshop to complete motherboard design, patching

HFSECURITY has plastic models, aluminum alloy models, and can customize materials according to your needs.

At HFSECURITY you can enjoy one-stop service

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HFSECURITY Biometricv Solution Factory in China

HFSECURITY Biometric Solution China Manufacturer Introduction

Founded in 2005, Huifan is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of biometric and security intelligent products. It is committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of biometric security integrated solutions .

The Shenzhen factory covers an area of about 8,400 square meters. It has 8 automatic assembly lines and mold production lines. It has two sets of reflow soldering in ten temperature zones, two sets of double wave soldering, ultrasonic waves, and smart lock life durability testing systems. It specializes in the production of fingerprints, Face, iris and other PDA handhelds and smart locks and smart home products. The self-purchasing office in Chongqing city is 450m²; the group employs 280+ people, including 42 management, R&D and technical engineers.

HFSECURITY biometrics products, smart, fast,and Safe

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

HFSECURITY Biometric Solution can provide fingerprint scanners that meet all your digital identity and authentication functions, such as single-finger, two-finger rolling collection, four-finger fingerprint (4-4-2) live scan fingerprint reader models

Biometric Terminal HFSECURITY
Biometric Terminal

We can manufacture and produce a full range of handheld biometric terminals to meet different screen requirements (7 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch), system requirements (Android, Linux, Windows, various customized functions (passport recognition, iris recognition, RFID, QR Code)

biometric-security-system HFSECURITY
biometric security system

We can provide full-featured biometric terminal equipment, facial attendance, access control, and gates that can be adapted to different styles to achieve a complete one-stop service for access control identification solutions.

Biometric Pos Terminal

We can provide biometric terminal pos systems and self-service kiosks suitable for different retail terminal services.Android , Windows.QR Code, IC Card, Switch Care etc payment function

Portable Biometric Registration Kit

HFSECURITY can support the customization and production of biometric enrollment kit of various specifications, sizes, and functions to meet the government election functions of different projects.


We provide a complete intelligent algorithm box, suitable for bright kitchen lighting, license plate recognition, fire recognition, behavior recognition, facial recognition and other functions

Custom Biometric Solution for Different Industries


Our manufacturing produce time attendance and access control device that can be used in school.


HFSECURITY can produce biometric solution products such as fingerprint scanner, biometric tablet terminal through our biometric technology capabilities.

Financial Services

We can provide swift and secure customer identification and various service for banking.

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    Why HFSECURITY is Trusted by 1000+ Clients

    Our biometric solution covers a lot of benefits to many industries, businesses, or projects. Below are the advantages of our services.

    Affordable and Fast Production

    We can quickly produce different biometric solution device and final products. Whether it is fingerprint scanner, facial recognition attendance, biometric terminal device.HFSECURITY offers speedy production while assuring high quality. Our high-volume production also allows us to have cost-effect biometric technology services.

    Excellent customization capabilities

    Through our advanced customization capabilities, we can customized biometric device that are lightweight yet durable. We assure Security, accuracy, portability to all produced biometric solution products.

    Wide Range of Materials and Techniques Used

    We are experts in different biometric solution techniques that allow us to produce biometric device with additional intricate features such as Materials, specifications, features, etc. Our equipment will also undergo different tests, such as drop tests, high and low temperature tests, and transportation tests and more.

    Biometric Solution Equipment and Tools

    Aluminum alloy die casting machine

    CNC machining center workshop

    Mold processing workshop

    Die casting workshop

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