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Portable Biometric Enrollment Kit Solution



Hi, I am the author of this article and I have been working in this field for over 17 years. If you are wondering about biometric products, please feel free to ask me any questions.

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Biometric fingerprint kits are the most common biometric solution for census, people information registration. There is a single but rich variety of biometric sets of boxes.

Portable Biometric Registration Unit

Articel List

Biometric Enrollment Introduction

Enrollment Kit Program Process

Biometric Enrollment Kit Type:

Biometric product configuration options

Customized section:

Biometric Enrollment Project Case

Single: Literally, a portablecollection biometric fingerprint kit is a box with a biometric product inside.
Rich: from the box alone, in fact, can be classified as small sets of boxes, medium-sized sets of boxes, large sets of boxes, portable, roller type, backpack type, etc.; biometric products can be placed according to their own needs, common are fingerprint tablet, ten fingerprint instrument, printer, triangle bracket, rechargeable treasure, ruler, warning line, solar charging board, etc..
You say is not very rich it!

Huifan, as a solution provider with 16 years of biometric manufacturing experience, also has some solutions to share with you in biometric fingerprint sets of boxes. Next, let’s take a look at the real face of biometric fingerprint enrollment kit solution together

About the definition of the biometric fingerprint set box and the application of the place, we have briefly introduced to you in the above, if you have other aspects of information, you can contact us.

Program process

  • Step 1: The customer receives the bid or internal bid project information internally, the company will compete for the first round of product aggregation.
  • Step 2: The customer competes for the aggregated product information to be sent, and Huifan receives product inquiries.
  • Step 3: The customer and Huifan company start the first round of information integration, confirm the good product consultation, Huifan company to integrate the product information, both sides confirm good, then start the fourth step of the set of box size and material confirmation.
  • Step 4: Confirm the size and material of the suitcase. (The set of boxes is divided into small, medium and large) The following will specify the type of package. After confirming the size and material of the package, start the next step
  • Step 5: Determine the size of the internal structure and the placement of products.After the previous requirements, appearance and structure are confirmed, you can start the proofing step. Of course, if there are differences, we will discuss them with the customer. Until the customer is satisfied
  • Step 6: Proofing, according to the customer’s needs for product proofing. The prototype will come back for testing, from the external structure of the case, dropping, using the environment for testing. We will also test the product.
  • Step 7: Delivery. After the samples are successfully tested, it’s time for delivery. Our logistics channel is very perfect, different special lines, different logistics methods. We ensure that the goods will be delivered to you at the first time. At the same time, before delivery, we will also goods in the transport process of the environment, transport test, drop test. At the time of delivery, we will choose different packaging methods according to different characteristics, the common ones are playing wooden frame, three-proof box and so on.
  • Step 8: Deeper cooperation

Biometric Enrollment Kit Type:

Model classification: small box, medium box, long box, large box (wheeled), backpack box (the following size for reference, support customization, customization please jump here)

Biometric Enrollment Kit Type
HFSecurity OEM Products Registration Kit for National Data Capture

Biometric Enrollment Kit Positioning

The use of improved engineering plastic as raw materials, the product weather resistance, can work in the ambient temperature -40 ℃ -95 ℃ range

The use of improved engineering plastic as raw materials, the product Box can resist ultraviolet radiation, strong impact resistance, anti-abrasion, flame retardant

Automatic air release valve design, to solve the use of air pressure problems, more durable, more waterproof.

Automatic air release valve design, to solve the use of air pressure Internal humanized details design, easy to place the equipment at will, as well as the use of

Automatic air release valve design, to solve the use of air pressure The use of excellent sealing materials, product protection level IP67

Ergonomic trolley bar, using the package rubber design, feel comfortable

Standard configuration for high-density anti-shock sponge, for the convenience of the user factory use, has been cut into small square, square not all cut, the user can key out the appropriate slot as needed

There are two lock holes near the handle, convenient to match the lock and increase protection

The top has a label position, the logo area can be played on the box customer logo

Biometric Enrollment Kit Competitive

Test ContentTest Objective/Method
IP protection levelImpervious to dust/no dust entry/protection against water immersion/no water entry at standard pressure time
Drop testInside 14KG items, 64MM height, corner angle surface all-round free fall 26 times 20 degrees
Low temperature drop test14KG inside, 64MM height, 26 times 20 degrees free fall on all sides of the corner and prismatic surface
Vibration test120 minutes of 5 to 50 Hz violent vibration, 3 axes, 40 minutes per axis
Rain testRainfall of 100mm per hour on each of the 6 surfaces for 40 minutes
Drop hammer impact testDiameter 3.2mm top hemisphere weight 6kg 0.5m high impact
Water immersion testWater depth 1m water pressure 1.5PSI cycle 1 hour
Certificate Report

Biometric product configuration options

Fingerprint Scanner, such as FAP60 Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint tablet, such as 7 inch biometric tablet, 8 inch biometriactablet

Signature version
Solar Charging Board

Customized section:

Logo customization

Lining customization

Color customization

Customization instructions

  1. Can be silk-screened on the product, but also can be integrated with the LOGO box, please provide the cdr file and logo pattern.
  2. If you need to change the color, you need to provide color samples (direct details can consult customer service).
  3. The cost of customization depends on the size of the product and the specific number of
  4. If you need to open the mold to customize the product (consult customer service for more details)
  5. Color, model and size should be specified when ordering. (Customer service can be consulted).

Biometric Enrollment Project Case