Biometric Voter Registration System

Biometric Voter Registration System

Why use biometric voter registration system

Biometric voter registration systems, or BVRs for short, have been in use for some time, but as more countries move away from traditional voting systems to biometric voting systems to eliminate the fraud and illegality associated with traditional voting. The use of biometric voting systems can, in principle, guarantee the fairness of democratic voting.

Several countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana have used biometric voting and the results have been excellent. This change has also given the government some confidence and support for the use of biometric voting systems.

Biometric voter registration systems use biometrics for identification and measurement to verify the identity and eligibility of voters.

Requirements of the government using biometric registration system for the system.

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1. Reject duplicate registrations

The algorithm should have automatic weight checking, and reject secondary registration for duplicate voters

2. User-friendly interface. 

The interface for voters to use the biometric system should be simple and user-friendly. It should not waste a lot of time to learn to use the interface

3. Secondary extension compatibility. 

The purchased registration system should have an open interface, abundant API information, and be able to provide technical support and assistance to government technicians

4. data security. 

Fingerprint data and voter data should be certified by the FBI to ensure the security of government data

5. Log saving

Backend log saving can get the reason of device jamming, quickly solve the problem and find clues

biometric voter registration system features

1. Perfect biometric voter registration hardware configuration and complete registration software system description
5. multimodal biometric recognition, choose fingerprint recognition, palm vein recognition, iris recognition and facial recognition
2. Support single-finger, two-finger, ten-finger and rolling fingerprint image collection
6.1:1 and 1:N matching methods
3. Highly configurable iris collection is optional, and the distance can be chosen according to the demand
7. Multi-standard ID card identification methods
4. Different sizes of signature collection board, 5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch
8. Multi-language function

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