Ten Fingerprint Scanner

Ten Fingerprint Scanner Device

Ten fingerprint scanner, also known as a fingerprint reader or biometric scanner, is a device used to capture and digitally encode an individual’s fingerprints. It typically captures images of all ten fingers simultaneously or individually, depending on the device’s design.

HFSECURITY ten fingerprint scanner refers to a device that can scan and store ten unique fingerprints. This type of scanner is often used in access control systems in various settings, such as schools, theaters, or office buildings. It can also be used for identification purposes in mobile devices, secure passports, and other sensitive applications. 

Some common types of fingerprint scanners include optical or capacitative sensors that use infrared technology to identify fingerprints. Fingerprint scanners offer enhanced security and convenience, reducing the need for passwords or other forms of identification.fingerprint scanner refers to a device that can scan and store ten unique fingerprints. This type of scanner is often used in access control systems in various settings, such as schools, theaters, or office buildings. It can also be used for identification purposes in mobile devices, secure passfingerprint scanner refers to a device that can scan and store

Types of Ten Print Fingerprint Scanner

BIO600 slap fingerprint scanner

Bio600 Optical Fingerprint Scanner

The BIO600 four-finger scanner produces clear images that fully meet the American FBI FAP 60 image quality requirements, supporting both left and right four-finger scans.

The device supports dual thumb flat capture mode, single finger capture for all ten fingers, and single finger rolling capture mode. The scanner meets large-scale national and city-level fingerprint collection needs, providing important technical support and reliable assurance for large-scale public application systems

Ultra-high image quality

The optical distortion-free fingerprint imaging system provides high-fidelity fingerprint images, which is beneficial for extraction.

Powerful collection capabilities

The large capture window size integrates ten-finger flat, single-finger flat, and single-finger rolling
capture in one device

High adaptability

Applicable to various types of fingerprints, automatically clears residual fingerprint marks and halo effects, resulting
in higher imaging quality.

Fast capture speed

The four-finger scanner captures at least 10 FPS and supports real-time finger detection




Easy secondary development

SDK (Software Development Kit) is provided

Voice control for convenience and intelligence

Supports a buzzer and voice guidance to guide users through the appropriate finger
pressing operations.

Durable and shock-resistant

The device features a sturdy design, wear resistance, strong anti-shock and anti-vandalism properties,
and is resistant to electrostatic interference, ensuring a long service life.

live scan fingerprinting software

live scan fingerprinting machine

Bio600 ten print fingerprint scanner For Windoes

Bio600 ten fingerprint scanner for android

Product Show of Bio600 Biometric Device

Bio600 Slap Fingerprint Scanner
Bio600 National ID Ten Fingerprint Scanner
Bio600 Ten Fingerprint Scanner
BIO600 Security Systems,Access Control
FBI Certified Scanner

Bio600 Parameter

Supply Voltage5.0V±5% Provided by USB
Operating CurrentTypical Value<700mA
Operating Temperature-10℃-55℃
Storage Temperature-40℃-60℃
Operating Humidity<90%R.H(Non-condensing)
Storage Humidity20~93% R.H
Image resolution500dpi
Capture window size≥88.0mm*86.0mm
Effective image sizeSingle finger: ≥32.5mm*32.5mm
Four fingers:≥81.2mm*76.2mm
Image pixel countSingle finger: ≥640*640 pixel
Four fingers: ≥1600*1500pixel
Capture timeSingle finger: ≥25FPS/SEC(≤66ms)
Four fingers: ≥10FPS/SEC(≤100ms)
Image distortion≤1%
Uneven grayscale of image background≤10%
Gray level8-bit,256levels
Dynamic range of gray level≥180levels
Gray value of image background225~255
Image defect/pixel defectNo more than 10 pixels with a diameter of 2 within any 600*600 area
Image center deviationDeviation between image center and capture window center: X and Y directions both ≤15 pixels
Weight 1250g
SupportWet and dry fingers
Software parameters
ImageImage stitching (single finger rolling capture)
Image segmentation (four-finger planar capture)
OtherFinger position identification
Bio8 live scan fingerprint scanner

Bio800 fingerprint machine for background checks

Bio8Plus is an FBI Appendix F certified ten-print real-time scanner that supports 4-4-2 fingerprint scanning. Bio8Plus is equipped with superior biometric technology.

The Live Scan fingerprint scanner bio8plus is a reliable tool for biometric identification and is widely used in various industries where accurate and efficient fingerprint capture is required.

FBI APP. F Certifed

The Multifinger Scanner DactyScan84c is a 3.2” x 3.0” 10-prints and rolls Livescan at 500 dpi certified by the FBI according to FBI IAFIS IQS App. F. as Livescan System as well as for Identification Flats

10-Prints and Rolled Acquisition

With up to 27 frames per second for 4-slaps and up to 25 frames per second for rolled prints acquisition the Multifinger

Spoofing and Liveness Detection

As optional module, Multifinger Scanner DactyScan84c can be upgraded with a leading edge SW solution detecting fake fingers made with various different materials. Device add-on can be used on existing Multifinger Scanner DactyScan84c as well as on new installations.

Fingerprint Scanner Image Capture​

live scan fingerprinting software
Bio800 ten fingerprint scanner device
Multiscan SDK Features
AUTOMATIC SEQUENCE CHECKINGguarantees a correct scanning sequence
ROLLED FINGERPRINT CAPTURINGdisplays in real-time, self-adaptive to rolling speed and directions,seamless composite image generation, automatic stop detection
SEGMENTATION:automatic segmentation of four- slap and two thumbs fingerprint images in single flat images
CORRECT POSITION AND SLAP COMPLETENESS CHECK:Checks for correct finger placing; checks for incomplete slaps due to missing fingers.
SLIDE DETECTION FOR FLAT PRINTSdetects deformations of fingerprints due to sliding during acquisition
STANDARD OUTPUT FORMATCreation of “ANSI/NIST-ITL-1-2007/2011” type 1, 2, 4 and 14 records – EFTS71 output format support.
ELIMINATION OF LATENT PRINTSelimination of latent prints originated from recent scans.
AUTOMATIC ACQUISITION START AND STOPsensing of fnger placement and automatic acquisition of the image with the highest quality. Quality thresholds for images can be set through the Multiscan SDK
HALO ELIMINATION:elimination of halo due to moist fngerprints during acquisition
IMAGE QUALITY CHECKING:dynamic estimation of fingerprint image quality during scanning process; NISTIR7151 quality check.
IMAGE COMPRESSIONFBI certified WSQ compression; further compression formats available are jpeg and jpeg2000.
Technical Data
ACTIVE SCANNING WINDOWFlat four fngers up to 3,2” x 3,0” – Two flat thumbs up to 3,2” x 3,0” -Rolled finger up to 1,6” x 1,6” – 500 dpi
IMAGE QUALITY AND FORMATS:FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix F (FAP60) certified ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2007/2011 ISO/IEC FCD 19794-4 ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 Interpol Implementation
TEMPERATUREStorage: from -20°C to +60°C – Operating: from +0°C to +50°C
HUMIDITY:From 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
DIMENSIONS:Flat Top Version: 148 x 152 x 121 mm Standard Top Version: 148 x 152 x 148 mm
SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMSMicrosoft Windows up to Win10 in 32-bit and 64-bit configuration Linux Ubuntu and Fedora distributions in 32-bit and 64-bit configuration Android

Product Show of Bio800 Biometric Device

Bio800 ten fingerprint scanner device
10 Fingerprint scanner device

BioSlim10 Compact Ten-print Live Scanner

10 fingerprint scanner Bioslim10 device is a biometric fingerprint reader that can be used for various applications, such as access control, time attendance, and identification purposes. The device is designed to capture and store fingerprints for authentication and security purposes. It is compatible with various operating systems and can be integrated with different software platforms. For more information and specific details about the HFSECURITY Bioslim10, it would be best to visit the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer support for accurate and up-to-date information.


The product is small and light, allowing users to carry it with them and perform fingerprint scanning at any time and anywhere, making it convenient and flexible.


In addition to traditional live body real-time collection, Bioslim10 also adds a dry and wet fingerprint detection function to meet users' needs for more comprehensive fingerprint scanning and provide higher identification accuracy.

Accuracy and reliability

The product's high accuracy and reliability ensure that each fingerprint scan can be completed accurately and quickly, reducing the error rate and improving user experience.


The simple and clear operation interface and user-friendly design enable users to get started easily and quickly complete fingerprint scanning, improving user satisfaction.

Security guarantee

The product has a high level of security guarantee, such as data encryption, fingerprint recognition algorithm and other functions to protect the security of users' personal information and fingerprint data.

Market differentiation

Different from the ten-fingerprint sensors on the market, smaller size, higher performance, etc., to enhance your competitiveness

Module dimension122mm*102.4mm*15.9mm
Resolution1600*1500 (4 fingers), 640*640 (rolling fingers)
FPS≥2(four fingers) ≥15(rolling fingers)
Finger image area82.3mm*78.2m
Operating brightnessSupport 100,000 Lux
ESD15KV (air), 8KV (contact)
Dust and Water resistanceIPX65
Surface hardness9H
Certification FBI Appendix F
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (1A@5V)
Operating temperature-20°C~60°C
Slap Fingerprint Sanner

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Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company that provides biometric solutions and related technologies. As a biometric solution provider, they offer a range of products and services related to identity verification and access control.

We products, services, and technologies. , it is common for companies in the biometric solutions industry to offer a variety of biometric technologies, such as fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, facial recognition, voice recognition, and more.

HFSECURITY offer solutions for specific industries or applications, such as time and attendance tracking, payment authentication, personal identification, and others.

If you have any specific questions about Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd.,you can visiting our official website or contacting us directly for more information.

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