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HFSecurity ODM Process



Hi, I am the author of this article and I have been working in this field for over 17 years. If you are wondering about biometric products, please feel free to ask me any questions.

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We all know HFSecurity is a biometric product solution, have 17 years biometric experience, but did you know HFSecurity ODM Process

HFSecurity ODM process
HFSecurity ODM process

Support hardware customization service

Hardware performance support

Configuration support —

Support performance configuration customization
  • Motherboard Support
  • Industrial grade display driver board
  • Industrial Grade Android (ARM) Motherboard-N2830/3558U/3288
  • Industrial Grade Industrial (x86) Motherboard – I3/I5/I7
  • Memory support: 2G/4G/8G/16G/32G/64G
  • Hard disk support: 32G-516G SSD, 500G, IT HDD

Screen Support

Support screen upgrade customization
  • Touch support: non-touch/capacitive touch/resistive touch/infrared touch
  • Screen support: high score screen/high brightness screen/explosion-proof screen/full screen/anti-glare screen/wide temperature screen, etc.

Internet support–

Support network module upgrade
  • WIFI/Ethernet/Bluetooth/4G/5G etc.

System Support–

Support system upgrade customization
  • Windows/linux/ubuntu/android
  • Use performance support
  • Performance Application Support
  • Support performance application upgrade customization
  • Dustproof, waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosion, shockproof
  • Anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static protection, wide temperature and wide voltage requirements
  • Anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-static protection, wide temperature and wide voltage requirements
  • Support wide voltage 12-21V, 9-36V input
  • Support 7*24H uninterrupted operation, low failure rate and stable performance
  • Compatible with a variety of MED running software and automation control software
hfsecurity biometric tablet solution
hfsecurity biometric tablet solution

Performance Environment Support–

Support outdoor and special environment customization
  • Dusty and oily environment
  • High and low temperature environment
  • Humid environment
  • EMI environment
  • Public use environment
  • Vibration environment
  • Unstable voltage environment
  • Static environment
  • Interface support customization
  • USB port/CPM port extension, industrial terminal, aviation port, screw SC head, LVDS, touch port, AV port, general I/OD

Value-added service support

  • Provide software and hardware technical support, assist customers in connecting software and hardware to system firmware/interface demo/application software, et
  • Buy the equipment, give a full set of installation teaching video
  • Provide installation dimension drawing and installation method
  • Assist customers to complete project implementation

Size and Appearance Support

  • Size support: 7 inch-27 inch multi-size optional, front screen and wide screen ratio optional
  • Color support: classic black, ancient moon silver optional
  • Material support: aluminum alloy, sheet metal material
  • Personality support: body logo screen printing/laser, independent mold opening, etc.
  • Installation support: embedded (embedded/externally embedded), wall-mounted, cantilever, boom, tripod, hydraulic support, folding support, etc.

Function module support and customization

Customization Process

01 Customer needs->02 Product Proposal->03 Feasibility Analysis->04 R&D Implementation ->05 Prototype and Trial Product ->06 Mass production and delivery