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As the epidemic continues to spread, contactless biometric recognition solution are being used in more and more countries.

As the epidemic continues to spread, contactless biometric recognition solution are being used in more and more countries. However, the health departments of each country are competing against their own country’s epidemic prevention policies, so each country’s non-contact biometric identification + health code solutions are different. In order to make the health code of the corresponding country in a targeted manner, the Huifan team has worked out different non-contact biometric solutions in combination with the marketing department, product department and technology department.

HFSecurity Health Code Scan Device

We all know that the EU is the first to use and promote it. At the beginning, we connected with the health code of the EU organization. As long as the health code of a country affiliated to the EU organization, a program can be used in many countries. This is the health code of version 1.0.

As the requirements for health codes in various countries continue to increase, new demands are constantly being generated, and versions 2.0 and 3.0 are gradually produced. This is an upgraded iteration of software functionality.

In terms of function, we used the RA08T face recognition temperature measurement scanning code at first.

HFSecurity Ra08T Face Recognition Temperature Device
  • The main functional requirements are:
  • Face Recognition + Mask Recognition
  • Temperature recognition + high temperature alarm
  • Scan the health code

RA08T Face Recognition Facial Temperature Measurement Device
system: Android 7
camera: Dual Camera
Function: Support HDMI, PDF417, QR Code, 4G, Health Code Scan Device

This feature is version 1.0.
Customers add their own functionality to the functionality of version 1.0.
The different ways of scanning health codes are divided into QR code scanning and camera scanning. Based on the appearance of the mold opening design, we will reserve all functional interfaces, so that the functions of each customer can be realized.

Our HF80C is a dedicated code scanning machine. We have reserved a module under the fuselage. This module can be used to place cameras or scan docks. This greatly shortens the waiting time for customers.

HF80C Health CODE Scan Device
HF80C Health Code Scan Device

When the scan code module meets the customer’s needs, we begin to optimize the customer’s sense of use and experience. We will bring ourselves into the customer’s use environment, so as to enhance the customer’s sense of use

For example, the scenario used by customers is to print tourist information, which includes temperature, personal information, entry and exit time, and vaccination information. In this way, when entering the factory area, there is no need to open the program for inspection every time. A special pass allows us to enter and exit the factory area.

Health Code Scan Device
Health Code Scan Device

And this function is compatible with all our machines that can support health code scanning, RA08T, HF80C, HF50C, HP405Pro

The above functions are all functions that we ship as standard.

At the same time we also customize their software for customers
Requirement 1
The face app + C19 is used together, the machine will give an alarm when the invalid code is scanned

Requirement 2:

The face app + C19 is used together, and the people who scan the code are strangers (the customer’s usage scenario is a public place. If it is set that strangers will not open the door, the person with the valid code will not open the door, so this method will not work. ), scan the invalid code, the access control will not open the door, but the identification record that requires the invalid code can be saved on the machine and smart pass
Requirement 3:
HF50C Invalid code alarm + red light, valid code + green light + print

HF50C Portable Health Code Scan device uses the Italian C19 app, it will alarm when identifying invalid codes, and the device will display a red light at the same time, and the valid health code will light green and pass normally. Also print the following

  • gresspass passed display, greenpassvalido or greenpass, failed to display greenpassnonbalido
  • machine serial number
  • Display name:
  • Print Time
  • Show local language

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