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How to choose an office building access turnstile


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Office building access turnstile play a vital role in modern access management, they not only provide efficient access control, but also enhance the security and management efficiency of office buildings.

Office building s play an important role in modern access management:

1. Improve security:

Office building access turnstiles improve the security of entrances and exits by authenticating personnel through recognition technology (such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.) and preventing unauthorized personnel from entering. This is essential for protecting confidential information, preventing intrusion by unruly elements, and ensuring the safety of employees and visitors.

2. Effective management of the flow of people:

channel gates can effectively manage the flow of people to avoid confusion and congestion. Especially in the office building peak hours, channel gates can quickly handle a large number of people in and out, optimize the passage process, improve the overall efficiency of the office building.

3. Visitor management:

Channel gates can be integrated with a visitor reservation and management system, whereby reserved visitors can obtain a temporary access code and enter through the channel gates. This helps to screen visitors in advance and ensure that only authorized visitors can enter the office building.

4. Attendance Management:

access turnstiles can be integrated with time and attendance systems to record employee entry and exit times, providing accurate data for attendance management. This helps to avoid human errors in attendance recording and improves the accuracy of attendance management.

5. Data Recording and Analysis:

The channel gate machine can record the information of people entering and leaving, and this data can be used for subsequent data analysis. By analyzing data such as personnel flow and passage frequency, office building management can make better decisions and optimize the management strategy of the office building.

6. Prevent overrun and ticket evasion:

High gate or full-height gate can prevent people from overrunning or ticket evasion, improve the tightness of the management of entrances and exits, and reduce potential loopholes.

7. Establishing a good image:

Adopting a modern access turnstile system can establish a professional and modern image for the office building. This helps to improve the image of the company and employee satisfaction, leaving a good impression for visitors.

In short, office building access turnstiles have multiple important roles in modern access management, from security to efficiency optimization, from management convenience to image enhancement, all of which make a positive contribution to the overall operation and personnel management of office buildings.

Then how to choose a suitable building access turnstile machine? Next, we will outline several aspects together

Tripod Turnstile
Tripod Turnstile

List the main factors affecting the choice of office building access turnstile machine

When choosing an office building access turnstile, there are a number of factors that will influence your decision.

Main factors of chooce turnstile

Listed below are some of the main factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the access turnstiles you choose are best suited to the needs of your office building:

1. Traffic:

The amount of traffic in an office building is a key factor in the selection of an access turnstile. You need to consider the number of employees and visitors entering and exiting the building each day to select the appropriate model and number of access turnstiles.

2. security requirements:

office buildings may have different security requirements. According to the actual needs, you can choose different identification technologies, such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, card recognition, etc., to ensure a high level of access security.

3. Functional features:

Depending on your management needs, the functional features of the access turnstiles will also affect the choice. For example, whether you need visitor management, attendance record, anti-overrun function and so on.

4. Appearance:

As part of the office building, the appearance of the gate machine also needs to be considered. Choose to coordinate with the overall style of the office building appearance to ensure aesthetics.

5. space constraints:

the internal space layout of the office building will affect the installation location and size of the channel gate machine selection. Ensure that the selected access turnstiles will not impede the flow of people.

6. budget considerations:

different models and brands of access turnstiles vary greatly in price, you need to choose the right equipment according to the budget range. Also, consider the cost of subsequent maintenance and upgrades.

7. Maintainability and after-sales service:

Choose a well-known brand and a supplier with a good reputation to ensure that the access turnstiles have good maintainability and quality after-sales service.

8. Integration with other systems:

If the office building has used other systems, such as access control systems, time and attendance systems, etc., the channel gate machine should be able to seamlessly integrate with these systems to achieve more efficient management.

9. User experience:

the user experience of the channel gate machine is also an important factor. Choose channel gates that are easy to operate and respond quickly to avoid waiting in line.

10. Adaptation to future needs:

Considering the possible expansion and change of the office building in the future, the choice of channel gate machine should have a certain degree of scalability and flexibility.

These factors are interrelated and need to be weighed together. According to the characteristics of your office building, in-depth analysis and comparison, and ultimately make a wise choice to meet your access management needs.

Types of access turnstiles: Introduction to common types and features of access turnstiles

There are various types of access turnstiles in different scenarios, each with its own characteristics and scope of application. The following are some common types of channel gates and their features and applications:

1. three-roller gate machine:

Features: usually consists of three rotating vertical bars that can be opened and closed quickly. It opens faster and is suitable for places with large personnel flow.

Scope of application: Suitable for office building halls, airports, stations and other high-traffic places, able to quickly handle the entry and exit of a large number of people.

2. Swing gate:

Characteristics: usually consists of a swing gate, the opening and closing of the gate is relatively slow. Simple structure, suitable for channels with limited space.

Scope of application: suitable for personnel flow smaller channels, such as office buildings, small doors, narrow channels.

3. Wing gate:

Characteristics: wing gate can release the passage by unfolding the wing piece, and the passage efficiency is high. The wings can be folded in the body, without taking up too much space.

Scope of application: Suitable for places with large flow of people and high frequency of passage, such as subway stations and shopping centers.

Korean turnstile application
Korean turnstile application

4. Sliding wing door gate machine:

Characteristics: similar to the wing door gate machine, but with a larger unfolding wing piece, suitable for places that require a larger channel width.

Scope of application: suitable for carrying larger items in and out of the place, such as office building gates.

5. Fast pass gate machine:

Characteristics: speed pass gate machine is usually equipped with advanced identification technology, such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.. The passage speed is faster and the security is higher.

Scope of application: suitable for places with high security requirements, such as confidential areas, independent offices, etc.

6. Half-height gate:

Characteristics: relatively low height, can to a certain extent to prevent personnel overrun. Generally more solid, suitable for the protection of more sensitive areas.

Scope of application: applicable to general entrances and exits, places with high security requirements.

7. full-height gates:

Characteristics: Higher height, can strictly control the passage of personnel. With higher security, it can prevent people from overtopping.

Scope of application: applicable to places with very high security requirements, such as independent office areas, confidential areas, etc..

Different types of channel gates are selected according to different scenarios and needs to achieve better access management results. When selecting the type, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the personnel flow, security, space layout and other factors to choose the type of channel gate machine that best suits the needs of the office building.

Successful office building channel gate application cases

The following are some successful office building channel gate application cases, showing the role of channel gates in enhancing access management efficiency, strengthening security and improving user experience:

1. Google headquarters office building:

Google headquarters uses an advanced face recognition channel gate system, employees and visitors can quickly enter the building through face recognition. This not only improves access speed, but also enhances security and prevents unauthorized access.

2. Shanghai Jinmao Tower:

Shanghai Jinmao Building uses wing door type channel gates to provide employees and visitors with a fast and convenient passage experience. The access turnstiles are integrated with the visitor management system so that reserved visitors can obtain access codes in advance, reducing queuing time.

3. Singapore International Finance Center (Marina Bay Financial Centre):

The financial center uses full-height access turnstiles to enhance security at entrances and exits. By integrating with employees’ work IDs, the access turnstiles ensure that only authorized personnel have access to confidential areas.

4. Hong Kong International Airport:

The Hong Kong International Airport uses three-roller gates at staff entrances and exits to efficiently handle the entry and exit of airport employees. The system is also linked to the employee’s identity information database to ensure the accuracy of the employee’s identity.

5. Microsoft Headquarters Office Building:

The Microsoft headquarters utilizes a variety of access turnstile types, including wing gate machines and speed gates. Wing gates are used in high-traffic areas, while speed gates are used in areas that require a high level of security, providing a multi-tiered access management solution.

6. City of London:

A number of large financial institutions in the City of London use access turnstile systems to achieve accurate identity verification of employees and visitors through face recognition technology and card recognition technology to safeguard the security of the financial trading center.

These successful cases show that access turnstiles play an important role in office building access management, not only improving access efficiency, but also enhancing security and providing a better experience for employees and visitors. These cases also provide a reference and inspiration for other office buildings to choose the right channel gate system according to the actual needs to meet the needs of access management!

A systematic guide to choosing gates for office buildings

When choosing access turnstiles for office buildings, the following systematic guide can help you make an informed decision:

1. Determine the needs:

People flow: Know the number of employees and visitors entering and exiting the office building on a daily basis to select the appropriate type and number of access turnstiles.

Security Requirements: Define the requirements for access security and whether advanced identification technologies such as face recognition and fingerprint recognition are needed.

Functional requirements: Consider whether you need additional functions such as visitor management, attendance records, anti-overrun, etc.

2. Understand the type of channel gate machine:

Get to know different types of access turnstiles, such as three-roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, etc., and understand their features and applicable scenarios.

3. budget planning:

According to the budget range, determine the selection range of the channel gate machine, including the price of the equipment itself and the subsequent maintenance and upgrade costs.

4. Consider space layout:

Plan the placement of channel gates, taking into account the space constraints within the office building to ensure that the channel gates do not impede the flow of traffic.

5. Security requirements:

According to the security requirements to choose the appropriate identification technology, such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, card recognition, etc..

6. Functional requirements and integration:

Determine whether visitor management, attendance records and other functions are required, and whether integration with other systems (e.g., access control system, attendance system) is required.

7. Appearance and quality of equipment:

Choose the appearance and the overall style of the office building to coordinate with the channel gate machine, and at the same time choose well-known brands and high-quality equipment to ensure long-term stable operation.

8. Maintainability and after-sales service:

Select suppliers with good reputation and reliable after-sales service to ensure timely support for maintenance and problem solving of the channel gates.

9. User experience:

Consider the ease of operation and speed of passageway gates to ensure a good experience for employees and visitors.

10. Adapt to future needs:

– Considering the future development and change of the office building, choose the channel gate system with a certain degree of scalability and flexibility.

11. Consult the experts:

– If in doubt, consult a professional access turnstile supplier or security expert for more in-depth advice.

12. Trial experience:

– If possible, conduct a trial experience of the channel gate to verify its actual performance and user experience.

13. Comparison and decision-making:

– Combine the above factors to compare and analyze the different access turnstile options and make a final decision.

What are the opening methods used by building gates?

Building gates have a variety of options for opening doors, depending on different needs and scenarios. The following are some common ways to open building gates:

1. swipe to open the door:

the user uses a swipe card or proximity card to open the gate. This method is commonly used in office buildings, apartments, hotels and other places, and can quickly and easily control the entry and exit of personnel.

2. password open:

the user enters a preset password to open the gate. This method is commonly used in places that require a certain degree of security, such as independent offices or private areas.

3. Face Recognition:

Through face recognition technology, the gate can recognize registered faces to open the door automatically. This method provides a high level of security as well as a convenient access experience.

4. Fingerprint opening:

The user’s fingerprint information is registered into the system and the gate is opened by fingerprint recognition. This method is suitable for applications that require a high degree of security and personal identification. 5.

5. APP Remote Door Opening:

Through the cell phone APP, users can remotely control the opening of the gate, which is convenient for users to realize access management in different locations.


Similar to the garage door remote control, users can use the remote control to open the gate. This method may be more common in some places with low security requirements.

7. Bluetooth/NFC door opening:

Users can use Bluetooth or NFC technology to open the door automatically by bringing the cell phone or sensor device close to the gate. This way in the popularity of smart phones today is gradually becoming popular. 8.

8. Manual Door Opening:

In addition to the automatic identification method, gates are usually equipped with a manual door opening button, which can be pressed by the user to open the gate, for example, in special circumstances.

9. Auto-sensing:

The gate is equipped with a sensing device that opens automatically when it detects the approach of a person. This method is suitable for large flow of people, the need for rapid access to the occasion. 10.

10. Video intercom door opening:

Users can open the gate through video intercom with security personnel, who can open the gate through remote control, thus ensuring security.

These door opening methods can be combined and configured according to specific needs to meet the access management needs of different buildings. Choosing the right door opening method can improve the convenience and security of access management.

By following this systematic guide, you can more wisely choose the channel gate system which is suitable for the office building’s needs, in order to improve the efficiency of the access management, strengthen the security, and create a better experience for the staff and visitors.

Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of intelligent building access turnstile system. Headquartered in Chongqing, the company has an experienced team that specializes in providing advanced access control and access management solutions.

Main Business:

  1. Design, manufacture and sales of intelligent building access turnstiles.
  2. Provide security access management solutions for different places such as office buildings, commercial complexes, airports and stations.
  3. Provide a variety of channel gate machine types, such as three-roller gate machine, wing gate machine, speed pass gate machine, etc., to meet the needs of different scenarios.
  4. Provide customized solutions for customers’ specific needs, including security, function and appearance design.

Product Features:

  1. Advanced identification technology: the company’s channel gate systems may be equipped with advanced identification technology, such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc., to improve the security of entrances and exits.
  2. Multi-functionality: the channel gate machine may be equipped with a variety of functions, such as visitor management, attendance record, anti-overrun, etc., which can be customized and configured according to customer needs.
  3. Equipment Appearance: We company may focus on the appearance design of the channel gate machine to ensure that it is coordinated with the overall style of the building.